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Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

Posted 11-14-2011 at 03:59 PM by WNxCJL9788
Recently I've been playing over some old(er) Zelda games. I bought a 3DS with Ocarina of Time 3D, and promptly played straight through it, and onto the Master Quest. After doing that, I had a hankering for more, so booted up my Wii and played through Majora's Mask. Both games I played through 100% - that's all heart pieces, item upgrades and collectibles. I did this in preparation for Skyward Sword, and also to answer something people don't really agree on...which is better.


I'm going to go through key aspects of both games, and see which has the upper hand over the other. To start with, story, or the overall adventure. I thought this would be a tough decision but the more I spent lingering on it, the easier it became. OOT is a longer adventure, and is key because it is the beginning of the Zelda timeline - this is where it all began. The changes between being a Child and an Adult are integral, and seeking the sages from each of the temples in the fight against Ganondorf...it's great. On the surface, MM doesn't have as great a tale. The moon crashes into the earth in 3 days, it's up to you to save it, and you can reverese back to day 1 at any time. But the emotions this game evokes are far greater than OOT. The perfect example is the Ninja master, who challenges you to prove your sword technique. In the final hours of the last day, you can find him in the back room of his house, hidden away, shaking. Try and speak to him and he says "I don't want to die..." - it's a darker, deeper game than OOT, and is all the better for it.

OOT 0 - 1 MM


This was rather easy. Whilst MM's dungeons are atmospheric, they are rather immemorable compared to OOT's. They may have generic names in the latter - Forest Temple, Fire Temple, etc. But everyone remembers entering Jabu Jabu's belly, or how unnerved they were during the Shadow Temple, or how frustrating the Water Temple was. The fact that MM only really has 4 main dungeons, compared to OOT's 8, shows the diversity on offer.

OOT 1 - 1 MM


Another difficult one. OOT had some epic sidequests throughout - the long trading sequence to get Biggoron's Sword, the Big Poe hunt, and of course the exhausting search for all Gold Skulltulas. The latter of those quests nearly clinches it for OOT, but the inclusion of the notebook in MM makes it the winner. The fact that you know where every character is going to be at any time, means you can plan out the quests that need doing. And the biggest of those is the Anju & Kafei quest - one that was spread across all 3 days, and didn't finish until the very end. And looking to find all the masks meant there was another task tacked onto you.

OOT 1 - 2 MM


OOT easily beats MM out of the water with this one. That sense of grandeur as you exit the Kokiri forest for the first time, and enter Hyrule field...it's that sense that there is so much to explore. Each area also has a grand scale, from Lake Hylia to Death Mountain, Zora's Domain to Hyrule Castle itself. It's 8 main dungeons, couple with a few 'mini' dungeons and finally Ganon's castle, makes MM pale in comparison. The hub area of Termina Field lacks the feel of Hyrule, and with fewer dungeons and areas to explore it feels less of an epic.

OOT 2 - 2 MM


Awkward, and possibly controversial, but I'm going with OOT on this one. MM builds the characters amazingly - as most of the quests are recorded in your notebook, you feel closer to the NPCs than in many other games, even with your antagonist, the Skull Kid. This especially holds true when trying to reunite Anju and Kafei, as failing at the last hurdle feels more devastating because not only have you missed out on a reward - you've let them down. But OOT's characters always hold a special place for me. Seeing the characters as a child, and then an adult, and how their personalities change. Ruto, who you naively help as a kid, and 7 years later claims you're engaged. Dampé the gravekeeper, who you annoy as a child and then as an adult, jump into his tomb and race his ghost. Even some of the bosses have great personailities - Kotake and Koume, the boss(es) of the Spirit Templer. OOT just seems to have the edge on here for me.

OOT 3 - 2 MM


Most of the items are uniform across both games - the Bow, Hookshot, Bombs, etc. However there is one group of items that makes this category easy to decide - masks. In OOT, masks were an added extra, a mini sidequest. In MM they played a crucial role, and actually did something. Use the Bunny Ears to run twice as fast. The Stone Mask to go invisible to most enemies. The Captain's Hat to rake charge of enemy skeletons. Whilst OOT had more variation in the form of boots, tunics and swords, nothing quite beats rolling around as a Goron at high speeds, or cutting through the water as a Zora.

OOT 3 - 3 MM


MM has some good bosses. Odolwa's chanting gets stuck in your head, while speeding around a track after Goht was fun. But OOT trumps all others. Throwing bombs into the mouth of a giant Dodongo, playing lightning tennis with a phantom riding a ghost horse...Twinrova was challenging and funny, Bongo Bongo was creepy. Even the mini bosses were awesome - Dark Link for example. Whilst the final boss battle in MM was a weak point in the game, OOT has the best in any game I've played. Fighting and defeating Ganondorf, followed by Ganon...it's a pure epic. OOT wins through in this area every day of the week.

Also, as a kid, I had a poster on my wall of Link fighting Volvagia. One of my favourite bosses ever.

OOT 4 - 3 MM

Alright, so it's not an exact science. And really, on some of those areas I could quite easily have called a tie. OOT is my favourite, and what I think is the best game ever made. And I think MM follows up right behind it. And Skyward Sword is release in a matter of days, some who say is the best game of the series.

Can't wait.
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