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My WN Award History

Posted 09-06-2013 at 10:41 PM by WNxMravens10
Updated 10-28-2014 at 08:58 PM by WNxMravens10
[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="8"][B][U]Awards & Medals[/U][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]



[SIZE="4"]My first gold trophy in March and it was awarded from a map variant contest in the Halo 4 Section.[/SIZE]


[SIZE="4"]My first member of the month was awarded for the month of August for work with help out the pre-release section for GTA V.[/SIZE]

Grand Theft Auto V - WNxMravens10

For my Member of the Month nomination, I wanted to highlight a member who has stepped up beyond their obligations, and worked to provide a better overall experience for the rest of the membership. Too often, these efforts fail to get recognized when they done on a smaller, more subtle, but nevertheless extremely important scale. I thought that one of the members that exemplified these statements from the Console genre would be none other than WNxMravens of the Halo 4 section.

Mravens, real name Matt, was recruited by myself to Warrior Nation this past February, and he has taken to the clan and its people quite well. He worked to become a Game Champion of the Halo 4 section, and was one of its original Captains as it exited dev in April of this year. While his tenure as a Captain was very brief, I think one thing most people can agree with is that he tried his very best with his position, and he showed a dedication towards working to help better the clan experience for his fellow members. This dedication has shined its brightest within the Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Release section, and it is these efforts I wish to recognize.

For all intents and purposes, Matt has acted as a Miner for the Pre-Release GTA V section. He has worked to keep members informed on developments regarding Rockstarís latest entry into the GTA series, and to spark debate and excitement for its approaching release. No one's put him up to this task: he's done it simply because of how much he loves the game, and how he wants to share his excitement with everyone. Heís really thrown himself into things, and I would be shocked if he didnít apply for Game Champion once the section hits dev.

Matt is very passionate about Warrior Nation, even if he gets ahead of himself at times. His only intention is to make sure that everyone enjoys their gaming experience to the utmost degree, and I feel that, with some guidance and experience, he may even transition into an awesome sectional leader. But for now, I want to recognize him for being an awesome member, and for striving to help all enjoy things in Warrior Nation that much more. Keep up the good work Matt![/QUOTE][/LEFT]


[SIZE="4"]My first Ace Report was given to me on July 5, 2014 for my hard work with helping out the GAT Team[/SIZE]

[QUOTE]This member has dedicated himself richly to our cause in the GAT department of Operation Bootshine, not only contributing quality artwork but going out of his way to deligate the entire operation along side myself & the team. Talking to leadership about what they would want, not only then creating the art but also giving them options so they can choose a preference for a banner. He has also given quality time and hours to his projects & is now working on revamping a lot of the forum icon's aswell as banners. He is a weapon in the GATling Armory and someone i encourage other people to strive to be like.

He has a healthy positive attitude towards every project I throw in his direction, he then takes the time to tenaciously tackle it to the best of his ability & improve his skill set among the Combat Media Department. For someone who is new to graphics he has gone above and beyond anything I did when I started.

So it's my pleasure to award WNxMravens10 with the Ace Report this month, Keep up the amazing work champ!



[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Medal of Creativity[/B][/COLOR]

[QUOTE]This guy zealously tackles every single project & assignment I have given him with his complete attention. He goes out of his way to make sure that things get done & reminds me of all the current projects being maintained by GAT. When asked to re-do an artwork, he has no hesitation or complaints, Ravens just makes sure the job gets done.

He is very active and has a positive and influential attitude to everyone around him, He not only does what I ask of him but goes above and beyond to improve combat media In any way he can which is refreshing and Incredibly appreciated by myself.

Every time a new department arises In development, He is the first person from the team to go and communicate with there leadership to see what Icon & Banner they would like on there forums to help support new games in WN with his own creative flair. He takes the time to communicate what they are after & attempts to then create something according to there liking.

He supports my organization with the forum ovehaul of [URL="http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=801200"]Operation Bootshine[/URL] in every aspect, Communicating with new forums/Updating the thread with the current project statistic & then leading by example with making more Banners & Icons than anyone else. I am more than greatful to have this guy In my department & he deserves this medal of creativity accordingly.



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