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A Major Journey #3 - It Worked!

Posted 09-02-2013 at 05:22 AM by WNxbowfar
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#3 - It Worked!

As the title suggests, it worked. What worked? After last weeks communication breakdown, I came up with a way to rectify the situation.

For those that did not read my last post, you should probably do so to get the background information you need to continue reading. You can view that post by clicking here.

Anyway, back to the story. I wanted the discussions to be easy to look read through and relatively organised to make the management and I able to follow it better. A plan was laid to do so and it was accomplished.

For each topic of concern, I created a vs thread - one idea versus another for open discussion. That topic and that one alone would be discussed in that thread and it worked really well.

One topic shot right out of the block and quickly became several pages long. If I'm honest, by the end of the threads short life and multitude of pages it had grown to, the participants were just bickering, saying the same thing over and over again but some good came from it.

It gives me a clear direction of where to go with this now, the ever present vote/poll. This is the only fair way to go about things, if done correctly of course - there are no corrupt politicians here

The season for us in F1 has now ended with champions in all 5 divisions and so the preparation for the next game is going to heat up. Hopefully, the section can band together and create a solid foundation on which to build for the next release.

Now I am off to continue the hard work but I will be sure to keep you all informed in my next post.

Written by: David Harris

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