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Back in the race.

Posted 09-17-2009 at 08:37 AM by WNxHollow
What's up Hollow?
I'm back in the race that is gaming and WN. I haven't made a blog since I stepped down from BO admin earlier this year. Looks like I jumped ship at about the right time, though I didn't see the end of the department in it's near future. Anyway, it doesn't take a genius to see that my activity has dropped loads since I stepped down but I've been sitting and waiting for this new MMO called Aion to come out.

Glad you asked. It's got some innovative features (wings) and also plenty that don't surprise veteran MMO'ers like myself (the classes, craftskills.) WN has a section going for it at the moment in development and there's still time to get involved before the game fully launches. If you pre-order, which basically means do it now, then you get access to the game's pre-selection program, where you choose your character and name on the 18th, then head-start from the 20th until the 22nd, when the game actually launches.

It looks like it'll be set to be a big win with the main selling points it has and it certainly seems unique to me. However, it's all about seeing it for yourself. The official site and wiki have a lot of information to get you started. If you're still not sure then I would imagine there will be free trials coming out in the next few months. Yes, that's right, it's P2P.

So you're writing to recruit me into the dev section, that's obvious...
Actually, that's not my main aim. If you like the game I'm currently hyped about then that's great. If not then this is still my message to you that says: I'm not dead yet. See you around!
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