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Travian section within WN

Posted 04-27-2012 at 09:22 AM by WNxRip
Well Hello there.
If you're reading this I'm presuming it's because you're bored with nothing better to do.

Well how about I give you something better to do with your time than read this bio? How about I show you a really addictive game. It's called Travian. If you've ever played Ogame then this game is quite similar but it has alot of improvements on Ogame. It's suprisingly addicitive which has made me name it: Heroain (A parody of Ogame sections "Ocrack").

Now if you like Free RTS's that play 24/7 so you can play other games at the same time then why not try Travian?!?!

To read a bit more on Travian:


If you want to go play Travian sign up for:

UK6 server (Americans can play UK6 aswell)

When it prompts you for where on the map you want to spawn chose the top left quadrant (North West)

Message Kriegy when you get ingame or search for WNx in the alliance tabs.

To play Travian: http://www.travian.co.uk/?uc=uk6_64562

Just click the above link, it'll take you to UK6 as standard.

Why I want people to play Travian: I'm trying to bring it into WN as a section, currently I have 14 in the alliance, but theres about 16 playing at the moment, mostly new players who'll be signing up to the forums.

Once I get 10 members to sign up as primary we go into dev and get our own section which is great, currently theres 2 confirmeds. need 8 more (need to ask the others to sign up, 1 did it off his own back which is great).

So for those who want a game to play whilst playing another game: Try Travian, it's a great secondary game, Maybe even primary after awhile!
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