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Demelem's WN History

Posted 01-19-2011 at 05:41 PM by WNxBacon
Updated 07-20-2011 at 04:25 PM by WNxBacon
Rank History

All dates are in MM.DD.YY

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(06.26.10 - 08.04.10)

Historian was my first tag in Warrior Nation, so I felt very accomplished of myself. Being a Historian, I learned BB coding and improved BB coding skills. In retrospect, it was a worthwhile role that I loved doing until I had to resign with school starting up again, I wasn't sure what the new school workload would be like on top of the Historian job.

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(07.09.10 - 10.31.10)
Neutral Grounds/General PC Gaming

Marshal Deputy is probably the most beneficial experience that a member a few months old in WN can experience. I loved it, I can probably say it's a tie for my favorite rank in WN along with FO Captain. You get to meet a lot more people, your friends list will expand by at least ten people, and you learn more about Warrior Nation and forum moderating. I would definitely not be where I am today if I didn't become an MD. I hope someday to return to the Justice Department, the members are great and I can proudly say Justice is my favorite department with Warrior Nation.

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(10.31.10 - 03.14.11)

I took Combat Journalist to help my section, the section I was recruited into, and that's exactly what I turned out doing. It's definitely a great role to have if your that kind of person who wants to help out the section but aren't quite at that point for a full fledged leadership position. No matter what age or what experience level you have in writing, you will expand your skills in that category and you will have a blast in the Creative Works.

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(12.18.10 - 2.12.11)

MP ties in with FO captain for my favorite rank. I like to think of MD and MP as equal ranks however, so I like to think of it as my favorite rank along with FO. This is most likely the first leadership position most get to experience, this is the rank where all great admins once started at. MP is the foundation, the gateway to almost every other rank. I loved MP the same way I loved MD and FO.

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(02.13.11 - 04.14.11)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)

This rank is a tie for my favorite WN position next to MD. Field Ops Captain. The Major's right hand man, the "Major's Bitch". All FO's usually gain that title when promoted, but beyond the title there is the responsibility. For a section like MW2 (PS3), especially with the release of Black Ops, the big push was recruiting and raising the numbers. Being an FO I tried to cover a little bit of all aspects to get the best of both worlds. I will help the BO captain with a gamenight then try to get some recruiting tips out there with the Recon Captain, then continue with my own FO focuses. It's a versatile rank that gives you a lot of freedom. I believe it's the best rank of leadership you can get without the pressure of being called the Major, which is why it's one of my favorite ranks.
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    Nice blog post:p
    Posted 01-19-2011 at 07:52 PM by WNxZeus WNxZeus is offline
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    My rank history is sexier. Just saying.
    Posted 07-31-2011 at 05:59 PM by WNxTheMitch WNxTheMitch is offline
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