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The End is Nigh!!!!

Posted 11-05-2010 at 12:59 PM by WNxTHINbot007
Where to begin?

How can you begin to describe the events that are taking place through the end of October and the beginning of November?

How do you summarise in one small report every single momentous occasion, event, whimsical footnote, banterous thread, EPIC fail, Callum's suicides, Shifty's endless quick scope fails when the last alive on SnD and 5 other people are shouting "Just aim and kill him...ARGH", the many musings of the skinny robot himself, the one gun game, the Beast with no name …. called Andrew2(wtf) … our amazing leadership during the entire life of the section, Wasted's endless game night hosting (well when it works when he is not attempting to download the entirety of the internet, yes I really mean ALL of it, starting with smut and picking up everything else along the way), the robot who is not a robot who is a robot who is not a robot … the one.. the only... Norway's X-Factor winner .. Haakinator!, our resident rising star who has now self demoted himself from a console wide position to be GC of BO EU (Loving the acronyms)…. Mr 4 in the morning spam post …..iiiiiiiit's Chris.

The list could go on and on with the Spam Hammer of power being promoted, T'Lippy and the Riot shield of Joy 1061NEB (nublet)

We have all enjoyed so many happy memories in our close knit group of gaming buddies and to all those who have not been mentioned in here, its purely because I have ran out of room (and it will all end up being edited out ). The memories will live on but the section sadly will not. Our friendships will continue and be made stronger with each passing day, but the foundations of MW2 EU are being clad with Ben's favourite brand of C4 as we speak. Never more so has the phrase RIP been more appropriate.

As you can see in a few of my brief ( as if any of my threads are brief) threads (see below)...

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http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=618888 – The Noobians are …
and of course the original muse

http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=598930 – my MW2 EU life’s work
...we have shared some amazing times together. But now I feel it is time to finally draw a line under the section.

The game that we played together now resembles a hand me down school uniform from three older brothers, its ripped to pieces, with holes in the knees and elbows and scuffs on the shoes. The tie is missing along with three of the buttons and there is a strange stain on the shirt that just cannot be removed or explained.

With hackers left, right and centre in MW2 and glitches galore, encompassed by the ever retarded notion of unlimited OMA noob tubes, we have seen the rise and fall of the COD series in this game. Before the section begins to fall apart at the seems like the game has, we have all decided to lay it down to rest. Maintaining its reputation as one of the strongest sections in the Nation with the most hardcore dedicated member base, who have worked tirelessly for each other during the life of MW2 EU, finishing with the final crwoning glory destroying all in their path to victory in the Delta Competition.

We will all leave on a high, for those who remain with MW2 and migrate into the global section that NA will become I wish you all the best from the very bottom of my heart and I know my words are being echoed by all the members who are moving onto new pastures green, or should I say Black (ops). You will do us all very proud and you will breath new life into the merged section with the same dedication and following that you showed during the time of MW2.

As with any series fed console game the indicative nature of the beast is that 18 months after one comes out, the next will be released. This is true as we all know of the COD series with the fast approaching release of Black Ops on the 9th of November. With this the opportunity has arisen for many (now ex) members of EU to stand up and carve a new place in history for themselves. New challenges await and new friendships are to be made...


We will always carry a small piece of MW2 EU in our hearts for the rest of our days. It is what reminds us of where we have come from and helps guide us on the path to where we are going, helping to maintain that moral compass of high standards and close friendships.

I would just like to say to all the EU members a few short personal words....
Thank you for taking the Noobian into your fold so kindly and so blindly (). I have learnt so much from every member and my game has improved a 100 fold, just ask Fataal (0-6 fataal as he is now known, oooh the shame )!!! Although many of us are still going to be in the same section together (BO EU), some things will undoubtedly have changed. For making me the man I am today and breathing a new lease of life into a tired old gamer I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. This section is in my opinion one of the best in the nation if not THE best!

Of my fellow members of WN I ask of you know to show your admiration and gratitude to those members of the MW2 EU section who have helped sculpt the WN for the better with just a small pocket of dedicated members and good friends.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (360) – May you rest in peace, always remembered, never forgottern.
With this I tender my full resignation as Combat Journalist for the MW2 EU section. Thank you to everyone for everthing.

Yours faithfully,


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