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07/27/2015 @ 11:16 pm
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Leader of the Month Award - July 2015!
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

Leaders of the Month - July, 2015

Click the image to open in full size.
The Leader of the Month Award is awarded monthly to Game Leaders (Majors/GMs, Captain/HGs & Game Champions) who have gone above and beyond what is expected, working hard to make their section the best it can be by organizing events, competitions, recruiting, and excelling as a role model for members.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - WNxSynquix
WNxSynquix has played a key role in the revival of our CS:GO section. By working with his sectional support and existing members, Synquix and his team have managed to double the size of the section in a very short amount of time. He has stepped up to the plate as a leader and has helped provide direction for the section. He has been generous enough to purchase two servers to provide our members with a home in-game. His recent efforts this month have made him earn this award and recognition.

*Nominated by WNxSwitchBlade

Heroes of the Storm - WNxRemorse
WNxRemorse has been a part of the HOTS leadership team for a very, very long time. Being one of the oldest members of the section, he has transitioned from Game Champion to Grand Master very well. He has surrounded himself with an excellent team of Honor Guards and Royal Guards and has lead his section to become one of the largest and most active in Warrior Nation. He has provided direction and leadership to his staff and his members. Being an active presence on the forums and in game, Remorse is a well liked and respected member of this section. He is a well rounded leader and has certainly earned this award.

*Nominated by WNxSwitchBlade

DOTA 2 - WNxKitsune
WNxKitsune has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She's energetic & eager to get involved. Despite being pretty new to the world of DotA2, she jumped right in. Isn't afraid to ask questions and improves leaps and bounds at every turn. Very responsive to input and does amazing left to her own devices. WNxKitsune's been running Game Nights and neat events; Our first game night & House of Pain Event. While also discussing ways to improve upon different recruitment possibilities. Doing everything a Game Champion should do and more. Even talking over methods of introducing a promotion system for field ranks.

I couldn't be more impressed with her and I'm very happy to nominate her for the Leader of the Month Award!

*Nominated by WNxMercy

Battlefield 4 - Xbox One - WNxpisspawz
WNxpisspawz joined Warrior Nation a month ago to the day, and since Day 1 he has been an outstanding member of Warrior Nation. He has recruited a number of active new members to the Nation and has great activity throughout the forums himself. He has been a great leader for the Battlefield 4 Xbox One section leading multiple game nights and keeping his section active. He is an excellent example of what we are looking for in a Leadership role here in Warrior Nation, and I'm glad to have him and his whole team here with us.

*Nominated by WNxChivalric

07/26/2015 @ 6:00 pm
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Our First Core Sections!
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

As I'm sure you have seen this announcement here, we are moving into a new era of how we categorize our sections. Core sections are meant to be the best games WN has to offer. Currently, 4 sections stick out more than most. All 4 of these games are huge in the gaming world. Games that nearly anyone who calls themselves a gamer has heard of. If you head over to you'll see these games at or near the top of the list. Now of course, that is not the only way we pick these Core games. In WN, these sections are just as successful. For example, you can read about ESO (PC) here and Heroes of the Storm here. Counter-Strike and League of Legends should need no introduction either, both of these games have been around WN for a long time and at their best have been home to over 100 members. As WN continues to rebuild as a whole, we expect these sections to continue to stick out and help lead us forward.

As you may have noticed, we also have a couple of sections categorized as "Core in Development." We feel that these sections are well on their way of becoming the future iconic sections of WN, but still need a little bit more time to get there. As they work their way out of development and into Core status, they will be given the appropriate announcement and recognition.

*Thank you WNxMercy for the banners & formatting the tables to look nice.*

Click the image to open in full size.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game needs no introduction. It is an iconic PC FPS game and a legendary section in Warrior Nation, with its roots going back well over a decade. While it had some bumpy roads recently, the section has quickly found traction again and is approaching that powerhouse status it once had. Warrior Nation has always had a big presence in Counter-Strike, and we continue to use our influence in that game to attract people to our community. The current section has had a burst of activity, including an overflow of recruits. The section continues to host multiple events, tournaments and smack matches. If you visit their forum, you can see exactly what I am talking about. And as always, the section is open for all WN members to come in and take part. The section is doing some pretty cool contests and giving away prizes if you happen to be a CS:GO player and want to take advantage of our section!
Click the image to open in full size.
Elder Scrolls Online (PC)

The Elder Scrolls franchise is yet another iconic franchise of games. Being one of the most popular RPG games currently around, Warrior Nation has quickly spread its wings into this games community as well. Recently released section from development, ESO (PC) has quickly found itself to be one of the biggest sections in Warrior Nation. With over 175 people in the in-game guild, ESO (PC) centers around in-game events and activity. Averaging 50+ members logging in every day, there is never a lack of things to do in this section. The section is lead by an amazing and strong team of leaders who are very passionate about their game and Warrior Nation. They continue to make an impact in their game and spread the Warrior Nation word throughout their games community. Look for this section to continue to grow and achieve great things. Being the first MMORPG to be granted Core status is a huge deal, and they have certainly earned the title. Look for their sister sections over in Console to do the exact same thing.
Click the image to open in full size.
Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a Blizzard game, do I have to say anything else? Blizzard Games have always been successful in Warrior Nation and Heroes of the Storm is no exception to that. Recently released from development, Heroes of the Storm is one of the largest and most active sections Warrior Nation currently has. With a huge focus on in-game activity, our Heroes of the Storm section is quickly starting to make some waves in the games community. In the process of forming a ranked team, and having some fairly high ranked members in our section, Warrior Nation is setting itself up to be a name everyone knows in Heroes of the Storm. The section continually holds events and contests for all members to participate in. The section has found a great balance to keep both competitive and casual players happy and together. They do an excellent job of keeping the section fun and friendly, despite the competitive nature of the game. The game is free to play, so if you are interested in being part of the madness and fun, check this section out!
Click the image to open in full size.
League of Legends

72 million players. I think that enough speaks volumes. League of Legends is the biggest game in the history of gaming. Over 27 million people log in daily, with over 65 million logging in every month. Here in Warrior Nation, our League of Legends sections continue to provide a home for a lot of members. Built on a community of mature and like-minded players, our League of Legends sections - similar to Heroes of the Storm - have done an excellent job of providing a fun and entertaining experience for both casual and competitive players. The sections are continuing to grow back into what they once were, and moving forward they will be the section where a lot of spotlight will continue to shine - especially when it comes to streaming and other media. If you haven't tried this game, I highly suggest that you do. It is the biggest game ever for a reason, and when you get to play an awesome game with members from Warrior Nation, it makes the game even better. With both sections now housed under one forum, look for some interesting and fun events popping up. So go join the fun!

07/26/2015 @ 2:42 pm
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New Sectional Organization Structure
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Click the image to open in full size.
Sectional Organization

WN has arranged its sections by genre for as long as most of us remember. It's a sensible organizational structure for this many sections but it's one that is no longer working for the modern WN and the path we want to go down moving forwards.

We are overhauling the way our forums are listed to move away from the genre layout to one which is more representative of the activity, membership or status of the section or title. WN will, moving forwards, showcase the best sections that we have to offer near the top of the boards, rewarding the top-performing sections with perks whilst continuing to go forward with the principles of support provision for any game section that meets the criteria for being supported by WN.

With that, we are moving to the following forum organization structure:

Core Sections
Supported Sections
Development Sections

(Kick-Start groups will be housed in the Dev Workshop)

Core Sections
These are the best that WN has to offer. They are the ones that show off who we are, what we are and how we do what we do through being one of our most active sections providing the 'gold standard' experience for their members. They meet and exceed all of the criteria we look for in a healthy section and are sections that others should strive to emulate. As a Core Section they should receive certain perks in recognition of their efforts and they will be expected to maintain their high standards in order to keep their core section status.

What Would a 'Core Section' Receive
The following will be granted to a Core Section as and when Tech Ops are able to facilitate them:
  • A direct link to their forums within the banner/toolbar at the top of the forums.
  • A landing page/section webpage with information, news, links, contact info etc.
  • The forum placed in the Core Section category which could be directly under the Commonship.

How Does a Section Obtain 'Core Section' Status?
Core Game Status will only be granted to the most active or deserving sections in WN. Any section will be able to achieve this status, however they must be able to prove that they are deserving of this honour. Core Game Status will be granted by 5* and MG Ops. approval based on factors such as:
  • Extremely high sectional activity and through providing an exceptional experience for their members.
  • AAA or similar (Most popular F2P titles such as HoTS/LoL etc) titles may automatically be granted Core Section status if they are anticipated to be huge games for WN.
  • Sections which have extraordinary achievements (section being recognized as one of the best clans to join, featured in media publications or showcased by game developers for their activities, etc).

How does a Section Maintain 'Core Section' Status?
  • Maintaining excellent activity in all areas (in game, recruitment, forum).
  • Extremely high membership retention rates.
  • Maintaining status in game/wider game community.
  • Providing a 'Gold Standard' experience for their members.

Can a Section lose 'Core Section' Status?
YES. If sections with this status do not continue to maintain their standards then they will be at risk of having their status as a core section within WN revoked. The idea of Core Games is to showcase the best that WN has to offer so with that comes the above noted expectations that effort be put into maintaining their excellent status. We understand that sections experience difficulties and these will not cause an immediate loss of Core Game status if they are affected. But there will be expectations that these difficulties/issued are addressed and remedied in a reasonable timescale to allow them to continue to be a gold standard section. If this does not happen, loss of status should be expected.

Development Process for 'Core Sections'
Games that are expected to be Core games for WN will bypass the Development entry requirements (15 primaries, 1 GC) and sections will be started in advance of the games' release.

Core Sections for series games (such as CoD) will go through Development initially (so the 2015 release will go through the development process as normal), however future releases in the titles will only go through Development if the section is no longer healthy. If there is solid leadership and member numbers in the section it will simply transition over to the new game and will continue functioning as a released section.

Supported Sections
Supported Games are the rest that WN has to offer. Generally, Supported Sections are those that are considered reasonably healthy and have to at the very least meet our minimum activity standards, just as sections right now do. Supported Sections can progress to Core Section status if they put in the effort and deliver results providing the 'gold standard' experience we expect from our Core Sections.

What Would a 'Supported Section' Receive?
  • A custom link to their forums -
  • Full administrative support.
  • Forum listed after Core Sections

How Does a Section Obtain 'Supported Section' Status
Supported Game Status will be granted by going through the Development Process or working up from a Kick-Start. Similar to Core Game Status, any section will have the ability to earn this title. Supported Section Status will be granted by the Operations Staff based on the following criteria:
  • Acceptable sectional activity (Game and Forum)
  • Steady and stable growth, recruit retention and member base.
  • Kick-Starts who have grown larger than anticipated and now require Operations Support

How Does a Section Maintain 'Supported Section' Status
  • Maintaining acceptable activity in all areas (in game, recruitment, forum).
  • High membership retention rates.
  • Providing a healthy experience for their members.

Can a Section lose 'Supported Section' Status?
YES. A section can lose Supported status should they fall below our standards of activity and health. Upon losing this status, the section may be offered 60 days in Development for rebuilding/strengthening efforts or be completely cut.

Development Process for Supported Sections
Supported Games will not be able to skip the Development process, including when a new title or expansion releases. They will have to go through our current channels of becoming a full section. Exceptions may be made on a case to case basis, but these exceptions will be extremely rare.

Kick-Start groups are not sections, they are temporary 'tools' granted to games where there is some interest to bring the game into WN but where time is needed to form a group that will satisfy the Development entry criteria (15 primaries, 1 Game Champion).

Requesting a Kick-Start group must be done by PM to the Operations MG. This must include an overview of the game, evidence of any interest within the community for the game and why the game is suitable for WN. Kick-Start forums are not given automatically - if it is felt that the game is not suitable then the request is likely to be declined.

What does a Kick-Start Receive?
  • Single forum in the Workshop.
  • Game Selector (Primary/Secondary choice)
  • Mumble channel.
  • 60 days to gather enough interest and recruits to be granted entry into Development

These groups receive no official Development Support. Once the 60 days are up, if the game has not met the Development entry criteria they are likely to be archived and satisfying the entry requirements must then be achieved without the help of Kick-Start.

07/26/2015 @ 10:13 am
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Medal of Resolution and Ace Award - July 2015
Posted by:WNxHollow

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.
Medal of Resolution - WNxXivsa
Xivsa has been part of the Combat Media for quite some time now, ever since he took the leadership position in the Historian department, he has made lots of effort to ensure the Saga is well updated. Xivsa has shown strong leadership attributes, as he is often left to handle his Historians without much supervision. He is trusted to run the History department just by himself. He is also able to take responsibility to what he does and I do believe this is what it takes to be a fantastic leader.

With Combat Media re-establishing itself, and the Medal of Resolution being reinstated, it is only right that Xivsa is to be the first in this new generation to receive this medal and we do hope that he would continue to lead well and hopefully lead the Historian department to even greater heights

- WNxJurafalle

Speaking frankly we do experience a lot of turnover in staff within the Combat Media department and this has been true ever since it was first created. It causes a lot of stress on the teams and always presents a difficulty we have to work around. However, when it comes to the Historian team, we have always been able to rely on them for their sticking power. There's not a lot of turnover; they do what they do quickly, quietly, and efficiently; and I believe a major contributing factor in that is their ever-present team leader: Xivsa.

We always strive to give specific examples of someone's ability and conduct but it's difficult for me to do so when so much of it is behind closed doors or simply intangible. I can only ask that you trust me when I say that the man is very deserving of this medal and I do hope that you'll join us in congratulating him!

- WNxHollow

Click the image to open in full size.
The Ace Award is awarded monthly to members of the Combat Media department who have excelled in their chosen field. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that CM products are the best they can be.
Ace Award - WNxIsobelle (Historian)
I am nominating WNxIsobelle for the Ace Award. She's been on the job for over a month now and has really hit a stride in helping to update the Saga and bringing new energy to the team. First, the Console genre was brought up to snuff before WNxIsobelle took over RPG as the main focus of her efforts. In addition, the Ikariam section's history is in a happier place with one of their more active members on the forums in charge of recording the various pillaging and leadership changes. In a short amount of time, WNxIsobelle has proven to be a quality addition to the team, a diligent and motivated Historian who takes the job seriously, and I'm pleased to offer this token of gratitude and recognition!

- WNxXivsa

> Award Nominations <

07/24/2015 @ 4:46 pm
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The Development Process Explained
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Click the image to open in full size.
The Development Process

This is definitely the least interesting of our mini-series of announcements so apologies in advance for that!

We've spent the last few weeks assessing and updating the Development Process to ensure that, moving forwards, it is going to not only meet our needs as a community but is also something that we can manage with the resources we have. Development has, over the last couple of years, become reliant almost entirely on the members who step up into the Development ranks - a far cry from the community-driven process it is supposed to be.

Below is the end-to-end Development Process, followed by the template criteria that we ask all sections to meet, fully, before they are released from Development. The whole process is designed to ensure that each section that achieves release leaves Development in the best possible position to succeed under its own steam.

For WN to succeed moving forwards, Development must become a process that members engage with either by getting involved in starting sections or helping new ones grow. We hope that by drawing attention to Development, members can identify areas where they can get stuck in to make their sections, and our community, successful.

Kick-Start groups are not a part of, or supported by, Development.
  • Kick-Start is designed as a tool for members who would like to bring in a section and get their group to the point where they can join Development.
  • A single forum and game selector (primary/secondary option) will be provided within the Development Workshop.
  • 60 days will be given for the group to meet the requirements to join Development.
  • If entry to Development is not achieved, the Kick-Start forum will be closed and any future entry to Development must be achieved without the use of Kick-Start (interest thread, sign up thread as normal, use of Development: Other etc)
  • Kick-Start forums can be requested (PM to the Operations MG) by any member for any game and the decision to award one will be made by the Operations MG. It is strongly recommended that a member has 5 people interested in their game before requesting a Kick-Start forum.

In Development
Entry to Development
  • To enter Development, the following requirements must be met:
    • 15 primary members - at least 5 of which must be recruited externally.
    • At least one Game Champion ready to be promoted (application received and approved by Operations).
  • If these are met, the section will be created (if no Kick-Start section used) or moved to the main forum listing and Development Support will commence.
  • Certain titles will bypass the entry requirements at the discretion of the Operations administration.

Getting Through Development
  • Recruitment of additional Game Champions.
  • Release Criteria provided to section.
  • Progress made towards meeting all release criteria - recruitment, activity, events etc.
  • When release criteria met - release process begins.

Admin Process:
  • Forum created or moved.
  • Development stickies posted.
  • Recruitment of Game Champions
    • Welcome PM sent.
    • Guide provided and discussed with GC.
    • Quiz administered. Optional at discretion of MG if the GC has prior leadership experience.
  • Game Champion Weekly Report threads created.
    • Monitored weekly by support.
    • Feedback provided for each report.
    • If two reports are missed in a row, warning issued to GC.
  • Release criteria posted in Officer Room first and explained to Game Champions.
    • Copy of section's release criteria should be posted as a sticky in the main forum after initial discussion and kept up to date.
  • Ongoing training of Game Champions and support towards meeting the Release Criteria provided.
    • Criteria should be regularly updated with section's progress.
    • Updates should be posted for GC's notification. May also be posted in the main forum to inform members of their successes so far.
    • Discussions of areas to work on held - targets set and assistance provided to help section meet them.
    • Red - Yellow - GREEN used to show progress.
  • When all release criteria are met (all criteria marked as GREEN) - release discussion posted in Admin Forum.

  • Criteria all Green.
  • Release discussion started in Admin forum to ensure that there are no areas of concern.
  • Officer team picked and appropriate extra training provided to the officers (GM/Major and Captains to explain their new roles and responsibilities)
  • Release! Announcement posted, officers tagged, roster moved out of Development, forum moved if necessary etc.

Release Criteria Template

This list of criteria that your section must meet before the release process will begin is designed to help you and your section get to a point where we can be confident that your section has the best chance possible of succeeding after release. Your Development Support will guide you to help you and your section meet them and will mark them red, yellow and green as you progress towards them. We want a full list of GREEN!

Your Development Support might add or alter points on this list as your section develops to help ensure that we can help you and your members get the most out of your section. They will post about any changes or additions to inform you and give you a chance to discuss them.

Stable and Trained Leadership
• Section can be released with at least a Grand Master and two Honor Guards. Extra trained personnel is optional, but desired.

Recruitment and Member Activity
• At least 1 recruit per week on average.
• Member retention: appropriate inductions, introducing to the section, involvement in events and on the forums.
• A healthy number of active members (forum visitors and posters) for two months in a row.

High In-Game Activity
• Good variety and plenty of successful events.
• At least 1 game night per week, with game night Report/screenshots.
• At least one successful tournament.
• At least one successful fun night/alternative to what happens at a 'normal' game night.

High Forum Activity
• Forums that are being used for discussion, planning and fun.
• High member participation in threads.

Good communication
• Team work
• Method/s of communicating with members that is well used (Steam/Xfire group etc)
• No fighting/disputes between officers/members/groups of members etc.
• Members able to have a say in how the section is run/have their opinions heard.

Plans for release?
Sections should always have post-release plans. Continued growth, member retention plans, event ideas, etc. General idea of what they want to achieve moving forwards.

Yellow=Needs Improvement/In Progress
Red=Danger/Not Completed

07/23/2015 @ 10:46 pm
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New Operations Department & Structure!
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

Click the image to open in full size.
Warrior Nation - Operations
I'm extremely happy to announce the first change in a set coming to Warrior Nation. This change revolves around the Development department. It is largely a structural change which aims to add more functionality to the department. As many of you are aware, the events earlier this year led to the merger of the former Games Ops department and the then Development department. This was never intended to be a lasting solution, merely a way to stabilize things. For all intents and purposes, it was a success.

Having learned how powerful a single department can be. We're going to retool Development Operations to maintain it's wide scope. Our first change is the department name, Development Operations is now simply: Operations. Operations will remain a single unified department, just as the merged Games Ops/Development, in order to maintain the high levels of communication we’ve come to enjoy. The next change will be the addition of the Event Specialism. You can think of this branch department (specialism) as a smaller version of Battles Ops, focused exclusively on Nation-wide events.

By housing everything that directly relates to, supporting, development & events under a single roof, it gives greater control to the MG to ensure each group is working towards a common interest and supporting one another.

In addition, we are changing the names and description of the 5-star ranks. The Chief Knowledge Officer is an outdated rank and was unnecessary after the recent changes to the Justice Department. In order to reflect our future goals and vision, the 5-star rank names and description have been changed to better reflect what we are aiming for. Instead of having two Chief Knowledge Officers, they are now known as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Chief Executive Officer remains unchanged at this time.
Five Star Alterations

Responsible for the execution of the community’s vision, mission and values through establishing the clan’s key priorities, ensuring that all administrative and improvement activities further WN’s long term goals.

The CSO is also responsible for the direction, management and promotion of branding, marketing, enrichment and outreach activities for the community. This includes, but is not limited to: enhancing the clan’s external image and facilitating connections between WN and the rest of the world focusing on social media, streaming activities and engaging with outside organizations.

Has Veto authority on any issue. Has Power of Authority to evict authority from or discharge any member at any level for reasons of corruption, abuse of power, abuse of members, abuse of resources, lack of activity or in a state of emergency. Has the right to remove any member from WN.

Responsible for the execution of the community’s vision, mission and values through ensuring that all administrative, enrichment and improvement activities further and support WN’s long term goals.

The COO is responsible for managing WN’s day to day operations. This includes, but is not limited to: the oversight of the Operations and Justice Department infrastructures, policies and procedures, ensuring that the needs of the wider community are met and that WN is providing the best possible experience for its members.

Has Veto authority on any issue. Has Power of Authority to evict authority from or discharge any member at any level for reasons of corruption, abuse of power, abuse of members, abuse of resources, lack of activity or in a state of emergency. Has the right to remove any member from WN.
The multi-skilled department coordinator. This individual will be a jack of all trades, housing a wide-range of abilities and leadership qualities. Their role is one of the most critical positions in Warrior Nation. This leader must ensure that sections and members receive equal access to support, development and enrichment activities. Ensure that their staff is of the highest quality and prepared to fulfill their duties.
- Events -
With the spirit of the old Battle Operations department in mind, the events team has been added to the Operations department to do exactly what it says on the tin. The starting setup for this team will be a single Brigadier General and two Events Coordinators, with the team able to grow should the demand exist.

The initial goal for this team will be to run at least quarterly global events as well as smaller ‘monthlies’ from time to time (such as recruitment or specific activity events). By providing a dedicated team to this activity we should be able to provide more events, more variety in our events and officers dedicated to promoting and increasing participation in these events.

Events' team members may also be tasked to promote and manage the Tournament Center, sectional promotion of Nation-wide tournaments and sectional consulting work should their skills/advice be requested.

Team Description - The focus of the Events team is to create, plan, promote and manage clan wide eventing activities.
On top of the generic rank description the BG will be responsible for:
  • Leading efforts to devise, promote and manage clan wide event activities.
  • Work with sectional leadership to ensure that events are created that will promote maximum inclusion and participation.
  • Establishing a regular and varied schedule of clan wide tournaments/competitions/events.
Click the image to open in full size.
Working under the Events Team BG, the Event Coordinator is to help devise and execute clan wide events to promote activity, recruitment and organized gaming. Ensure that up to date resources are available to section leadership to assist with their own activities.
  • Collaborate with other Events members to devise clan wide activities.
  • Promote participation in Nation-wide events.
  • Assist section leaders as necessary & encourage sectional inclusion in Nation-wide events.
  • Assist with the management of the Tournament Center.

07/21/2015 @ 10:45 pm
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New Development Brigadier Generals!
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

Click the image to open in full size.

With the loss of Sakido and Aesalon over the last few weeks, Development had some key openings. As we continue to focus on the future and the growth of WN, we looked for candidates that have shown eagerness to help us achieve those goals. Two candidates stuck out more than most. Both of these members are well versed with how we do things in Warrior Nation. They are also very diverse in the games and genres that they play. Having members like this on the Development team is very important. Both of them are willing and able to step in and help out games across all genres.

So please join me in congratulating the newest members of our Administration!

WNxAwp666 has been a member of Warrior Nation for over a decade. In that time, he has held multiple positions in every department imaginable. He has lead one of the biggest sections in Warrior Nation & FPS history, and he has been an Administrator in 3 different departments. With his experience and passion for Warrior Nation, he is a perfect fit for our team. He brings a lot of different tools and ideas to the team, and with his experience he is the perfect mixture of a Recon/BO/Development admin all in one. Having people like him in the Administration is key to us moving forward and expanding back into the community we once were.

WNxChivalric has been a quick rising star in Development. Being in Warrior Nation before, he has a good understanding of how we operate and how we do things. Using his past experience as GM of one of our most popular RPG sections, he has applied his knowledge and expertise in helping various different sections in Development. Being a primary console player, his expertise will be key as we continue to re-build that particular genre. His connection with the members, his love for WN and his involvement in so many games makes him a key component to our team.

07/16/2015 @ 12:06 am
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Another Blizzard game released from Development!
Posted by:WNxAzia

Click the image to open in full size.

Number of Primaries: 39
Number of Secondaries: 19
Primaries Active This Month: 21
Primaries Active Past 30 Days: 29
Threads Made Past 30 Days: 58
Posts Made Past 30 Days: 412

Heroes of the Storm is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the market. As with most popular games, Warrior Nation has extended it's reach into Heroes of the Storm. Led by an excellent team of leaders in WNxRemorse, WNxKalislayer, WNxNextfear, WNxJudge and their support WNxAwp666, Heroes of the Storm has quickly become one of the most successful sections in Warrior Nation. With active events, gamenights and members there is never a lack of things to do if you are looking to be a part of this epic section. The section continues to grow and offer more for it's members with things like tournaments and ranked teams. The leadership has done an excellent job trying to involve all types of members in their section and give them a home. They continue to work hard in bettering the experience for everyone and making this one of the most successful sections in recent times. So please join us in congratulating them on their hard work and release from Development!

For those of you who want to know more about the game:
Heroes of the Storm offers a fast paced MOBA experience featuring some of the most iconic characters throughout the Blizzard Universe. If you are a fan of fast paced action games or a fan of Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm is definitely a game worth trying out. On top of that, you can join forces with our section to kick some ass.

Click the image to open in full size.


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The following announcement was made by WNxAwp666. I will now let the Engineer(s) or BG's that worked on the game to make their release from Development threads. So this was all written by Awp. I feel as though people should flaunt being proud of their hard work. :) Congrats to this section! Of course I have to find some type of meme to put in here.hehe

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