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10/08/2015 @ 4:55 pm
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Monthly Medals - October, 2015
Posted by:WNxMercy

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Medal of Honor - WNxIngeronic
Originally Posted by WNxMercy
WNxIngeronic is one of those quality leaders that Warrior Nation really needs. Having members and leaders like him is what makes this a great place. He has a history within the Nation stretching back over 10 years. A length of time that can truly be hard just to survive, let alone thrive. Few have gone that length of time without some battle wounds. WNxIngeronic is one of those who's stood the test of time. His stretch within Warrior Nation has had it's ups and downs but his ups excel far beyond any low points. He's no stranger to leading members so they may match his own success.

WNxIngeronic has held a wide variety of different leadership positions over the years. Several of which I doubt many of our newer members would even know we once had! Like his time as an Elite Recruiter? Tasked with recruitment efforts and bringing in new members WAYYYY back in 2005. From there he transitioned to a 2nd Lt position in Development and before the month was out was promoted to 1st Lt for Development. Dare I say his impressiveness doesn't end, he forged on and was soon leading elements of Development as a Colonel for Dev EU by the next month.

Coinciding with a move in real life, WNxIngeronic took some time off from the Nation. Only to quickly return and seek out the Development department once again. Yet the return may have been premature and he needed some time away. When he returned the second time, he made a shift and sought out a Combat Journalist position, followed by a Commissioner role. Eventually finding himself as a Colonel of Battle Ops. He served Battle Ops with distinction and proved himself worthy. Following his time as a Colonel he jump between Development & Battle Ops. Doing excellent work, going so far as to earn two medals in the process.

Roughly 10 months ago WNxIngeronic took up a leadership position in League of Legends (EU West) in the form of an Honor Guard. He was the obvious choice when a few months later a new grand master was needed. He's led the League of Legends (EU West) section like a true leader. Leading and promoting events as often as he can; ARAM Event 20.02.15, ARAM EVENT - 3rd March, Event - 10th March, RANKED Event - 17th March, Event - 24th March, Event - 31st March, Event - 7th April, Event - 21st April - Something Different, Game Night Event - 5th May 15 have I made my point?... No you say? Okay. Conquer The Nation - Event, Conquer the Nation - Event - Sunday 10th May, Conquer the Nation - Forum Screenshot Contest, Event - Tuesday 12th May, Conquer the Nation Event - Thursday 14th May, Conquer the Nation Event - Friday 15th May, 1v1 Tournament - Quex Vs Ingeronic, I can do this all day...Event - Monday 18.5.15, Event - Tuesday 19.5.15, Song Title Forum Contest, Event - 26th August, alright that's enough - the point has been made. The guy is awesome, he understands that he must put the effort and work in to make his section successful and it's not an overnight thing.

He led his section with distinction during both recent global events; Conquer the Nation and going so far as to dominating & winning the The Armament Event. I cannot say enough good things about WNxIngeronic, he's really just a quality leader and great guy. I think it prudent we honor his service and dedication. I'm very pleased to nominate him for the Medal of Honor!

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Medal of Zeal - WNxGalbsadi
Originally Posted by WNxTheRef26
WNxGalbsadi was our recipient of the Member of the Month in Elder Scrolls Online (PC) for August. He would have been approached to become an officer of the Section due to his high game activity and extremely high forum activity which did not just include our Section's forums, but those throughout Warrior Nation. WNxGalbsadi however chose to use his talents and landed and Architect position and began to work with development. Throughout this time he continued to run weekly events with Warrior Nation in ESO (PC) and did not let up his activity in game or our forums. He has been very helpful to new and veteran players alike. If this were not enough, he was recently promoted to Engineer and has began to assist a few times with his moderation powers (after confirming that we would not have issue with that in our section).

While the Grand Master was at work recently we had a rather large situation in the forums involving a senior officer and numerous other members of our section. WNxGalbsadi handled it quickly, professionally, and discreetly while keeping the Grand Master apprised of what had occurred via Steam messages.

WNxGalbsadi only joined Warrior Nation in the Forums on July 13, 2015. In such a short period of time this member has risen above others in activity, been promoted twice in the Development Department, and continued to be a huge part of the ESO (PC) Section, assisting leadership and regular members alike.

It is my pleasure to nominate WNxGalbsadi for the Medal of Zeal!

- WNxTheRef26

> Award Nominations <

10/07/2015 @ 5:02 pm
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Operations Awards
Posted by:WNxAwp666

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Endevor Award
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The Monthly EnDevor Award is presented to a Operations Member who has set the standard for Operations personnel, and have gone above and beyond their duties.

Since joining the department in August as an Architect, WNxGalbsadi has quicky risen to the top as a standout member of the department. His dedication and passion to help not only sections but WN as a whole is something all members of the Operations team should strive for. He was recently promoted to Engineer and continues to excel at his new role. It is with great pleasure that myself and the rest of the Operations team award him with the Endevor award.

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Medal of Savant
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This medal is to be awarded to any member of the Operations Department who shows outstanding leadership and effort in their field. Successfully bringing in new games, reviewing and previewing games and rescuing WN games in need will all contribute to the awarding of the Medal of Savant.

WNxChivalric joined the department in May of this year as an Engineer. Since joining the department he has risen to be one of the best developers the department has. His passion and dedication to not only the department but Warrior Nation as a whole lead him to be promoted to Brigadier General just a few months into his Engineer career. His passion to make WN better has even lead him to spear head the recent console change that was announced earlier this month. WNxChivalric is just the type of member the Operations team wants and is looking for, his passion and dedication are second to none. It's with great honor that I award him the Medal of Savant.

10/03/2015 @ 12:57 pm
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Monthly Awards - October, 2015
Posted by:WNxAwp666

Monthly Awards - October, 2015

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Member of the Month awards are given to members to honor, recognize, and commemorate them for serving Warrior Nation and making it the best it can be.

Destiny (PS4) - WNxConroi
WNxConroi has been as essential help to the Destiny PS4 section. He single-handedly set a record for recruiting in the section. Conroi streams on Twitch spreading Warrior Nation, helps WNx members in Destiny, and is incredibly active. Both on the forums and in-game. On a personal level he has helped me all the way to achieving my Moments of Triumph, the do-it-all achievement in Destiny. Attending raids on the hardest difficulty, swashbuckling countless guardians in the crucible, and spreading the clan through, Reddit, Youtube, and the Playstation Network.- Nominated by WNxBlue2095

Elder Scrolls Online (PC) - WNxPersey
Despite not feeling terribly competent at using the forums, WNxPersey had made leaps and bounds in her participation, gaining enough posts for a promotion. In addition, she has created some of her own fun threads, and come up with excellent ideas to benefit the ESO (PC) section, furthering the agenda of Warrior Nation. WNxPersey is just as much of a delight in-game, consistently attending events and helping to run them, as well as giving items to other guildies in need. I believe that WNxPersey exemplifies what each of us should strive to be, and is more than worthy of this nomination for Member of the Month. - Nominated by WNxmissb00

League of Legends (EU West) - WNxCrazyTynke
With 2 recruits within a week of each other, constantly being active and available for ranked games and non-ranked alike. CrazyTynke deserves some recognition for his presence in game and his recent recruiting prowess. He is generally available on Skype every single day, and is always up for a game of League.

Members like CrazyTynke are a positive influence and help to create activity throughout the section. - Nominated by WNxIngeronic

Click the image to open in full size.
Top Recruiter awards are given to members who excel at recruiting players who embody WN's ideals.

Dirty Bomb - WNxGenio
WNxGenio has been an all-star for recruiting over the past two months for Warrior Nation, bringing in 12 members since the beginning of August (5 of those in September). Of those members, two have since pushed the Nation further by signing up as Game Champions and recruiting additional members themselves. He's been strong on communication with both his recruits and fellow Game Champions, and has had a definite impact on pushing the Dirty Bomb section forward.- Nominated by WNxGalbsadi

Click the image to open in full size.
The Leader of the Month Award is awarded monthly to Game Leaders (Majors/GMs, Captain/HGs & Game Champions) who have gone above and beyond what is expected, working hard to make their section the best it can be by organizing events, competitions, recruiting, and excelling as a role model for members.

Elder Scrolls Online (PC) - WNxTheRef26
I would like to nominate WNxTheRef26 for Leader of the Month. He is a great example to all of our members in many ways, and he is constantly finding new ways to take Warrior Nation higher....

Ref is constantly reading about the latest builds and posting that information on our forums for everyone to read up on. To help implement those builds, he has taken the time to become a master crafter, meaning he can LITERALLY craft every single thing that is able to be made by a player in the game, from weapons to enchantments to food and armor. He willingly makes armor for everyone for no charge. I know he sacrifices his playtime to craft sets for anyone who needs it, sometimes logging on and doing nothing BUT that due to the requests.

Recently, WNxTheRef26 has planned and implemented a PvP alliance with one of the largest guilds on the PC NA server, WarMart. We have been mainly PvE, and they are mainly trade oriented, so in order to fill the needs of our members and theirs who would like to experience and hone their PvP skills, the Reclamation Alliance was formed. During our first event on Saturday, there was a great turnout and the alliance dethroned an Emperor in Pvp, which is very impressive for a first event, or even a twentieth!

I believe because of these efforts, WNxTheRef26 deserves this medal 100%. Due to his leadership Warrior Nation now has a formidable PvP presence! Cheers Ref.

WNxTheRef26 definitely deserves this recognition as Leader of the Month. I cannot say I know him very well, but in my time as Historian for ESO (PC) and during the Armament Event I've learned to know him as a very nice, helpful and great guy. He has kept me busy with promotions, demotions and changes of Officers on a monthly basis, but that shows me that he is constantly busy with overviewing his section and trying to make it a better place for everyone.

Especially during the past couple of weeks I've seen some amazing changes come to life. He knows he cannot do it all by himself and has a great set of Officers around him whom he leads well. They all know what needs to be done and are happy to do so.. He is always open for suggestions, listens to ideas and responds to every concern or problem. He always makes sure everyone knows what is going in the section and regularly asks for feedback.

He has nominated quite a few of his members for medals and awards the past couple of months and that tells me that he absolutely appreciates their work. Now it is time though that he too gets recognised for his dedication - he is a natural born leader, he knows what needs to be done and how to do it!- Nominated by WNxFlosugar, WNxIsobelle

Dirty Bomb - WNxGenio
I'd like to nominate a GC who has not only been leading a section from the ground up (Dirty Bomb), but has also risen above and beyond jumping in as a sub-tagged Architect to help out with other sections. This was not an easy decision, as each member of the Dirty Bomb leadership team is doing a fantastic job there. To begin, their teamwork synergy is downright awesome. One of them will present an idea, and all three of them jump on it to make it happen. Communication is really important among leaders, and they not only show this, but exemplify that.

Specifically, WNxGenio has been building a competitive roster for the section, helping drive Warrior Nation into the competitive spotlight in this game. He's also been a star recruiter, bringing 12 new members into the Nation over the past couple months, including both other officers. That's right...not only has he been a great example of a leader in this section, but he's also recruited other leaders who have done well enough that I had to seriously look at everything to pick a 'best' one for this month.

So, for your consideration, I submit WNxGenio from the Dirty Bomb section for LoTM.- Nominated by WNxGalbsadi

10/01/2015 @ 5:23 pm
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Loyalty Medals - October 2015
Posted by:WNxMercy

Loyalty Medals - October 2015

+10 Year Medal
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- [ 11 Members ] -

9 Year Medal
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- [ 1 Members ] -

8 Year Medal
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- [ 4 Members ] -

7 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx Artaxs

- [ 3 Members ] -

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx Naap

- [ 7 Members ] -

5 Year Medal
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- [ 8 Members ] -

4 Year Medal
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- [ 15 Members ] -

3 Year Medal
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WNx oI TuPPerZ Io
WNx TheDarthMoogle

- [ 14 Members ] -

2 Year Medal
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- [ 23 Members ] -

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 108 Members ] -


09/29/2015 @ 9:20 pm
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New Operations Major General!
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

First off a big thanks to WNxAzia for sticking through some hard times for the Department as MG and overseeing a lot of the changes that went through Operations the last 6 months. She played a big role in laying a foundation for the department and getting it to where it is today. With her departure, Operations is now in need of a new Major General to pick up where she left off.

As we continue to work towards revamping and rejuvenating not only the Operations department, but Warrior Nation as a whole, we are turning to a lot of the veterans who have been around for so long. One member in particular has seen it all. Being one of the very few people in Warrior Nation to hold an Admin rank in nearly every department we have had, he has seen WN through many different angles. The experience he brings to the table is very unique. Returning to the Operations team earlier this year, he has already been around the release of 3 sections from Development. He has worked closely with the 5* and MG in putting in new processes, procedures and structures for Operations and Warrior Nation. Given his past experience, and his quick transition into the new Warrior Nation, he seems like the perfect choice to lead this new department into a new future.

Please join me in congratulating the new Major General of Operations!

Click the image to open in full size.

09/23/2015 @ 8:55 pm
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A New Age for Consoles
Posted by:WNxChivalric

Introducing the Xbox & Playstation Divisions
Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Traditionally console sections have had a difficult time within Warrior Nation. As with many other things that we have been changing, restructuring, and improving the last few months. It was only a matter of time before we took a good, long look at our Console sections.

Many members here have pointed out that the way we approach console is wrong. Console gaming suffers from a heavy "flavor-of-the-month" mentality. Some games managed to hang on for an extended period of time here and there, like Halo or a Call of Duty section, but they never really stood the test of time. Console games, especially in the fall and late-winter, come out at such a rapid pace that it's difficult to stick with just one game. Chances are that people will hop between a few different games at a time in order to play everything that's "in" at the moment. We wanted to try and create something that would mirror this thought process while also fighting one of the biggest problems with sections once they get cut: member retention.

Essentially we are taking the "Gaming Group" idea, amplifying it, and bringing it front and center in the Nation. This provides a few benefits:
  • We can simplify recruiting efforts by making it as simple as "Come join WN on Xbox/Playstation!"
  • We retain Xbox/Playstation players that have joined Warrior Nation, but then leave if their section doesn't make it out of Development or fails after a short time.
  • It provides a way for anyone and everyone in Warrior Nation who plays a console to get involved with their fellow members that isn't limited by one game.
  • We can move from game to game as bugs are patched/DLC is released/general interest fluctuates.
  • We can talk about games that would never make it in Warrior Nation as a standalone section like single player games, but have significant interest behind them, such as the upcoming Fallout 4.
  • We can also include people who may not have moved up to the new gen systems yet. A ton of people still play Xbox 360 and PS3 so this would allow them a space to chat too if they would be interested.

The Details
There is no traditional leadership here in the form of a Major/Grand Master or Captain/Honor Guard rank. All Leadership jobs normally designated to a Major/Grand Master will be the responsibility of the Operation's Brigadier General overseeing the Console Divisions with assistance from other supporting Administrators for the time being.

Moderation powers will be given to members on a selective basis as needs arise. These members will be picked by Administrator recommendation based on activity and interest in helping grow the section.

How Do the "Divisions" Work?
The two "Divisions" will be placed inside our "Core Gaming" area and given their own game selectors - Xbox Division & Playstation Division.

Members will be free to talk about anything related to their respective console inside these new areas. Want to talk about the new dashboard coming up on Xbox? Maybe looking to get a raid group this Friday night for Destiny? Trying to get a squad of Spartans to dominate Slayer or Oddball? Want to talk about the new Uncharted coming up? Stuck on that puzzle in Tomb Raider and want to see if someone can assist you before you carefully and delicately disassemble your controller with your wall? Or maybe you just want to gloat about your 60 fps and 1080p resolution and how superior the PS4 is to XB1.. in theory.
Game Selection?
On the actual gaming side of things, games that are popular on the forums can be given their own subforum. This allows us to keep things neat if a game explodes in popularity and is overrunning the main forum. Subforums can also be created inside the a specific game subforum for the creation of guides and things of that nature.

If games maintain a high level of activity and have a strong following (15 members, with at least 5 new members), then a request can be made to have a traditional section created and be placed into Development with Operations support.

For any sections that do make it out of Development and into Supported or Core status however, this provides a way to keep members if a time comes where activity falls to a subpar level and we cut the section. Members will no longer be forced to leave or play a game they might not want to in order to stay in our community.

Is it a perfect idea? No. These Divisions will obviously evolve and change as we find out what works and what doesn't. For now though, we feel it is a necessary step to stoke the embers of our Console genre and get the fire going again, so to speak.

09/20/2015 @ 11:02 am
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Medal of Reconnaissance Awarded
Posted by:WNxAwp666

Medal of Reconnaissance 10+

Click the image to open in full size.

Any member that has recruited the required minimum dedicated members shown above or more.


Congratulations WNxM3 and good job, keep up the great work!

For those of you wondering how you can check to see if you qualify for any of the Reconnaissance medals head on over to the Legend page and use the search function in the Medal of Reconnaissance section.

09/16/2015 @ 9:01 pm
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Law 1 - Adding some clarity
Posted by:WNxSwitchBlade

I am going to start off by saying Law 1 is not changing. This is merely a revision and adding clarity to processes we have already been following. We have banned people for having VAC bans prior to joining WN, and we have also banned people for getting an in-game ban for games we no longer support. However, this was not clearly laid out in the text. "Third party ban = WN ban" is/was pretty ambiguous and the idea of this change is to clarify what we mean.

Law 1 is probably our most important. It is what WN is at our core - a community of honest gamers with integrity and respect. By allowing people who have hacked or been associated with illegal in-game activity into our community, it tarnishes the reputation of everyone wearing our tag, especially our innocent members who work hard to uphold our laws and policies. As a result, we want to make it very clear that Warrior Nation does not, has not, and will not ever associate itself with any sort of hacking or illegal in-game activity.

We have a lot of people signing up on our website every single day, it is nearly impossible to keep a track of everyone who walks through our doors. Will hackers/cheaters sneak into the community? Of course they will, but it is our job to weed them out.

To our game leaders, please take some time to check a members Steam account or in-game profiles before you approve them. It adds 30 extra seconds to your job of approving someone, but it also makes the lives of everyone else easier and helps keep our community clean.

Old version of Law 1:

Neither associate nor member shall use/promote hacks, exploits, bots, or illegal third party programs. Any activity that violates a game's EULA*/ToS**/CoC***/NDA**** is prohibited. Any bans made by third party anti-cheat organizations (such as GUID bans for hacking) will result in a permanent ban that can only be overturned by the third-party.

*EULA - End User License Agreement
**ToS - Terms of Service
***CoC - Code of Conduct
****NDA - Non-disclosure Agreement
New Version of Law 1 (changes denoted in red)

Neither associate nor member shall use/promote hacks, exploits, bots, or illegal third party programs. Any activity that violates a game's EULA*/ToS**/CoC***/NDA**** is prohibited. Any bans made by third party anti-cheat organizations (such as VAC/PB/GUID bans for hacking/glitching/modding etc) will result in a permanent ban from Warrior Nation that can only be overturned by the third-party.

Existing third-party bans(VAC/PB/GUID) prior to joining Warrior Nation will not be overlooked. Prior bans will result in a rejection of membership if caught at time of registration or will result in an immediate permanent ban when found.

Third-party bans for games Warrior Nation does not support will also result in a permanent ban from Warrior Nation that can only be overturned by said third-party

*EULA - End User License Agreement
**ToS - Terms of Service
***CoC - Code of Conduct
****NDA - Non-disclosure Agreement

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