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01/26/2015 @ 6:43 am
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Medal Of Declaration
Posted by:WNxPartyWeapon

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Medal Of Declaration



I wish to hereby nominate WNxHollow for the Medal of Declaration. Hollow has been GM for GW2 Gandara EU since September 2013. He's the perfect example of what a GM should be, always willing to help and guide other people, whether they are veterans or people that just joined the guild.

In his time he's created templates for all events, raffles, competitions. These can all be found in our sectional forums. He's also taken the Guild Wars 2 - Gandara (EU) Section Information thread to the next level, while also keeping the Guild Directory and Invite Requests updated. And not to even mentions the List of Useful Links and Guides.

He has also already proven himself over time by earning Leader of the Month back in July of this year.

Lately his game time has been decreasing because of Real Life, but he has still managed to come ingame when he can and also lead the guild through guild missions every weekend. This might be a short nomination, but the point of the whole thing is that Hollow has made sure everything rolls as well as it could be. Both ingame and on the boards.

I don't make nominations very often, only when I feel someone really deserves it. And WNxHollow is definitely one of those.

01/24/2015 @ 6:55 pm
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Sectional Support Structure - The 'New' Development
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

The 'New' Development

With all that has happened over the last few weeks this announcement falls under the category of 'bittersweet' for me, as I'm sure it will for many of you. With the loss of our Games Operations team we have been left with a void where supporting our sections is concerned. So I am pleased to announce to you that we will be filling this void with none other than our very own Development Operations Department which will today begin to transition from a department focusing solely on the new sections that join our community to one whose focus will be to develop, support, enrich and grow Warrior Nation as a whole.

By bringing the skills and expertise housed within Development Operations out to serve the wider community my hope is that we can give each and every section the same access to the care and support that our newest sections receive - whenever and however that may be needed. Healthy sections will benefit from higher levels of communication from their supports with more people on hand to reach out to if required. Sections that are struggling will have the expertise of development trained members who can give intensive support if necessary 'out in the field' to give them a chance before the option of retuning to Development is considered.

This will be one of the first of many changes that will be going on both out within the community and behind the scenes as we work to evaluate what we do, why we're doing it and how we do it with the view to making sure that we can provide WN with the very best.

Development Operations

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"The mission of the Development Department is to provide the support, training and resources required to ensure the continued growth and stability of the entire community."

The Department is designed to focus on all aspects of sectional development and support. This includes, but is not limited to: focusing on growth and stability of member populations; providing the necessary training, guidance and mentoring to game leaders so they can lead successfully; identifying and providing solutions to faltering game sections, and; researching, introducing and developing new game sections with the aim of increasing the number of options for members and the overall population as a whole.


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Architect - Please see the ranks page for the up to date description. Tag/name update from Miner will follow.
Game Champions

Open Positions

Brigadier General: Development Operations Apply Here
Development Brigadier Generals are expected to manage the day to day support of WN's sections; ensuring that existing sections are fully supported and new ones are given all the resources possible to succeed. Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Providing excellent Admin Support to assigned sections, both released and those in Development.
  • Attending to any Administrative Requests that are raised by Game Leaders, sections and members.
  • Ensuring that Engineers are trained to the highest level and have the resources they need to bring new sections into WN.
  • Regularly review sections to identify those that may need dedicated or additional resources.
  • Ensure that game leaders are given the skills and knowledge to successfully lead their sections and organize activities for their members.

Engineer Apply Here
Engineers are specialists in their field, responsible for the continued stability and growth of Warrior Nation by supporting both new and existing sections. Their primary focus is to work with members and fellow Development staff to ensure a steady stream of new sections and members entering the Nation, training future sectional and Development leaders and achieving successful section releases. They will also support a small caseload of released sections, being on hand to assist them if necessary.

  • Identify opportunities for new game growth; communicating these opportunities to the membership and supporting efforts to start new sections.
  • Appoint and train Game Champions to lead their section through the development process and prepare them for future leadership positions.
  • Ensure that new recruits for assigned sections are approved.
  • Guide sections through the development process, ensuring that they meet predefined release criteria.
  • Train Architects to perform a range of departmental duties.
  • Provide quality game support over a small case load of released sections in conjunction with assigned Brigadier General.
  • Provide effective guidance, support and training for new Game Leaders and Officers where appropriate.
  • Evaluate sections that drop below a reasonable level of membership and activity and determine if intervention is required to help strengthen weakened sections.

It is going to take a little while for all of this to settle into place and be functioning properly so I hope you'll bear with us while we make this happen. If you're interested in either of the above positions or simply want to know more about how this new support system will work then please feel free to come and talk to me or PM me!

01/17/2015 @ 5:31 pm
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Medal of Justice January 2015
Posted by:WNxDarkNyte

Medal of Justice

Any JA or MP that shows a superior level of achievement in their job will be evaluated for this medal. Achievements in the following fields will be taken into consideration; reporting spam, organizing assigned forum, reporting avatars/signatures, policing game channels and servers, exceptional knowledge of the Eye of Justice support page, general attitude towards their job, or quality determined to be superior.

Moderating "The Commonship" in WN is a thankless job. Every action you take is under great scrutiny and even when doing the right thing, you are often castigated and blamed for "the breakdown of WN" by a small minority who believe they always know best. It takes a strong person to even take on this job but it takes an even stronger one to do it for over 2 years. Fortunately, I am proud to say that we have one of those people within Justice. A member who has unwaveringly done his best for the community since day one and who undoubtedly deserves recognition for his dedication.

I have personally known this member for nearly 5 years now and have seen him show exceptional personal growth in that time - once being one of the most controversial members in the nation but now one of the most level headed and supportive. I'll be brutally honest here and say I initially had doubts about this members promotion to Marshal Deputy but in the last two years he has proven me wrong to doubt him time and time again through his actions and mentality. Every issue that comes his way is dealt with efficiently and conscientiously whilst his activity and reliability have been exemplary throughout his stint as Marshal Deputy. I believe this member exhibits all the qualities we expect from a Marshal Deputy and is a character that we should all look up to.

It is an honour and a privilege to award the Medal of Justice to...

[WNxKrakie] -

Write-up provided by WNxDavott

01/13/2015 @ 1:28 am
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"Lightly Considered"
Posted by:WNxWhiteWolf

If you’re looking for instant gratification or one stop solutions I’d ask that you come back later when you can give this post a few dedicated moments of your time. While this particular post won’t have any concrete or immediate effects that go along with it I do expect to follow up with more detailed information as things develop and decisions are made.

I remember joining Warrior Nation like it was yesterday, so clearly that part of me thinks that I’m likely just making up whatever I want to remember to keep it so clear and precious… and the other part of me says that it was what it was.

My recruiter, NightShade[R], had stumbled upon my Day of Defeat server and thought that I was a pretty cool wolf and was curious if I was a member of a clan. I’m not entirely sure I knew what a clan could be other than a few characters you put before or after your name to signify that you’re a member of their cool kids club – so naturally, I was sold.

What followed was par for the course: Getting banned three times, once by founder Wakko; plowing a formerly glorious section to the ground after our leadership left; picking fights with admins about completely trivial things; not making any friends; …
Let me interrupt myself… that was par for the course? Yeah, I wasn’t sure I picked the right words either but interwoven in there were many lessons to be learned, many contributions to be made that eventually landed me an admin spot in charge of assisting with special tech projects… and nobody was surprised.

Warrior Nation has always had some kind of motivational banner or another on the site. For the past few years, that’s been the video that started off as auto-playing but was quickly murdered because auto-play is the devil. Back around 2008, Wakko made a little flash banner that showed off some of the ideals that powered the mission statement (You can view it if you want, it doesn’t quite play right full screen though).

I thought it was the corniest thing ever, and maybe it still is the corniest thing ever but for the first time in a few years I remembered it not too long ago and was reminded why I think Warrior Nation isn’t just the “WNx” you put before your name – WN represents the desire for any gaming community I want to be a contributor of to have things like respect among members above all else including winning; it represents my desire to let creativity shine in any capacity and to share that with each other in a fun, loving, supporting environment that can help foster skills like leadership, dedication, and discipline – things that make people successful in WN and in life itself.

Many of our current leaders and administrators aren’t people who’ve been trained to do any of this outside of WN, though some are. For the most part we’ve worked together as a team to figure out the skills that each of us have and those that we can share either via teaching or by applying them to get things done.

I decided to make this post in lieu of one that attempts to placate anyone, explain away recent events, or whatever people might expect because I want to remind people (including myself) that these are the ideals that power a community that I want to be a part of and to contribute to.

I attended BlizzCon 2014 and during their opening keynote address their CEO Mike Morhaime got on stage to take a few minutes of everyone’s time to stop celebrating Blizzard and have a serious discussion about the same kinds of things that I want to agree with so much; he spoke about Gamergate without saying it; saying that “a small group of people have been doing really awful things” and “tarnishing our reputation” as gamers calling on all the attendees present to treat each other with kindness and demonstrate to the world that the gaming community rejects harassment.

Warrior Nation should be about representing the best there is in gaming; and that doesn’t necessarily reflect only skill and prowess or proficiency but also endorsing a set of ideals that promote information sharing, a reputation that anyone in our community can be proud to represent, respect for everyone including those not in our community, and being accepting of those things that make people unique – those people often contribute unexpected positive qualities.

I wish I could say with a straight face that there’s nobody in Warrior Nation that I wouldn’t be proud to stand with in a court of honor; but I know that’s not true and it hasn’t been in a non-trivial way for maybe upwards of two years – recent events not exempt: some of the posts that followed have attacked administrators leaders and members, attempted to tarnish the reputation of everyone’s hard work both past and present.

I know that these are isolated events and for the majority of our member base this isn’t an issue and that everyone has the capacity to act with respect and honor for our peers; so I will not tolerate it any longer. I cannot stand by as people in our community are systematically attacked for being anything less than perfect or not aligning with personal expectations. If you are doing nothing but spewing negativity, do not be surprised with a slap on the wrist or removal, it should be expected from an establishment that values these things.

If we want a community where everyone is comfortable posting, visiting, and playing games together, then we need to take a stand as a community to reject those who actively work to spread negativity and ill will and instead focus on positive thinking with a positive attitude that leads to substantiated positive change. Replace comments with no substance other than to demean or intimidate with comments for how to improve, how to do something better, or learn something new.

We’ve been so lucky over the years to have such an excellently diverse set of skills provided by an amazing breadth of members at our fingertips, and I’m proud to be able to continue to draw from that strength and approach problems knowing that if I don’t have the answers that someone nearby does, or if nobody does that we can take the opportunity to try and figure it out as a team.

I want to begin to introduce a culture of communication back into our community starting with the top and working my way down, and starting from the members and working my way back up.

Here’s your first action item: If you’re reading this post; go make a post in your secondary section, it doesn’t need to be anything special – perhaps just introducing yourself if you’ve never done so before or perhaps posting something positive in someone else’s introduction thread.

I’m going to be making myself more available for everyone, especially members, in the coming weeks – getting back into the routine of messaging people randomly on messengers like xfire, and others; reminding everyone that my open door policy applies universally and that I always strive to work towards a solution instead of shrugging them off. If you want to contact me for a one-on-one, regardless of anything, please feel free to send me a PM. I expect a fair number of them, so don’t be discouraged if I don’t reply right away –*I’ll be sure to make sure anything you bring up gets addressed, even if that’s just asking what my favorite color is.

Expect a future post detailing some of the more tangible changes, we’re considering things like merging Dev and GO into a unified department, working on a realistic vBulletin upgrade path that won’t take a ton of time or resources, removing outdated materials on our website, and updating pages that are in need of updates.

If you haven't seen it yet Phoenix has started a discussion you should check out:
Our Problems, Your Solutions - Part 1: Our Problems

I look forward to positive change, and I hope you do too.

12/31/2014 @ 9:58 am
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The Nation Rewind - Issue #10
Posted by:WNxAngryScotsMan

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.
Foreword From the Editor

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Nation Rewind and also the end of the year! Some of you may have noticed beforehand and some when they saw this thread but if you still haven't put two and two together, I am the new acting editor for the Publishing team. I know it's easy to just claim that I will work my butt off in this position and make promises that I might not be able to keep. However, I can promise to do all that's humanely possible to at least assure WNxPartyWeapon and WNxHollow that I was the right choice for this position.

I'd also like to welcome WNxRyuubei to the publishing team. Unfortunately, he couldn't make an article for you this month due to joining the team halfway through the month and being occupied in real life for the remainder of the month. Hopefully, he will be able to provide an article next month for your entertainment and leisure. Finally, I know this makes me look desperate, and I kind of am, but I'm on the look-out for a couple of new publishers and if you would like to be a publisher or just enjoy writing in general; I would highly recommend you apply for the position. Anyway, I won't delay your reading experience any longer. Please enjoy this months article and at the same time, have a Happy New Year!

Headlines From the Nation
WNxDeadpool and WNxAzia promoted to Dev Brigadier General | Resignation of WNxIzanagi | Loyalty Medals for December | WNxShadowZero resigns as BG Dev Ops

Video Game Therapy
Padded rooms and plastic controllers

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

Click the image to open in full size.
( Banner by WNxKildrak )

Continuing on from last month's article about what video games can teach people, perhaps without them even realising it: let's take it a stage further and look at how video-games can be used as intentional therapies for conditions ranging from autism to PTSD, even to people recovering from a stroke.

Read more ...
I work in a school which caters for children with autism and many of the children spend time playing on a computer, console, or ipad. Of course they do this partly because they enjoy the games, as most people reading this would be able to agree with, but they also have time on those devices because it helps them develop mentally or physically. A previous article for The Rewind covered what the children can learn as a by-product of casual gaming, but there's also a case for using specific games to achieve a particular outcome. Both children and adults, with varying levels of impaired social abilities, can feel more relaxed and prepared for social encounters if they can rehearse them online in advance. This is entirely natural and common to everyone. Teachers often rehearse their lessons, performers rehearse their acts, candidates rehearse interview techniques. However, there's been development in applying these situations into virtual reality settings, where people can practice their social interactions and, hopefully, overcome their previous dispositions. The virtual training can even be prescribed by healthcare professionals to meet gaps in real-life therapies.

Similarly, there has been some success in using virtual reality to help ease the symptoms of PTSD by placing the individuals into a VR simulation while they re-tell their experiences. One such simulation even uses the engine and assets from the Full Spectrum Warrior video-game. While the game itself is no replacement for the care of a professional, it can greatly augment the care provided and speed recovery times, or ease symptoms, dramatically.

One of the more physical therapies is to use the video-games in a role befitting a Nintendo Wii title - to get people up and moving after suffering a stroke. Most strokes leave the patient with neurological damage, which can cause them to have reduced mobility of the arms or legs. There are options available for individuals experiencing the reduced mobility, an estimated 325,000 people each year, but they are expensive and difficult to access. Video-games have therefore been developed to bridge the gap and allow people to achieve the same results in their homes. Therapies include swatting at bats inside a cave and paddling a canoe down a river, both designed to stimulate the arms.

Usually an article has a poignant conclusion to sum everything up and make you think, but in this case it's the content that should be speaking for itself. Isn't it amazing that video-games are transcending their recreational status and becoming, also, implements of science and medicine? In the future you might find yourself being prescribed a video-game (alright, probably not for a broken toe) and, hopefully, it'll help you where other medical interventions can't.
DRM and Games
A love-hate relationship for Gamers

Written by WNxJango Fett
__________________________ __________________________

Click the image to open in full size.
( Banner by WNxKildrak )

A long-standing debate in gaming, Digital Right Management or DRM for short, has been a thorn in the side of gaming communities. On one hand, a publisher wants to ensure that people actually buy their games, but, on the other hand, the people who buy the game are the ones feeling the restrictions of the DRM. Examples of DRM restrictions include being forced online at all times and a limited number of installs. My article will explore further into this realm of DRM.

Read more ...
The fact companies place DRM in their games should not be a surprise to anyone. On a console, the actual console acts as the DRM. They also place restrictions within the game CDs to prevent illegal replicates. Granted, you could mod your console to play these copied games, but the legality of that is pretty sketchy. PC DRM is an ever-changing field. DRM first started to become an issue in 2008 with the game Mass Effect. This is not the first recorded instance of DRM, but the first that required to authenticate with a server. This continued in 2008 with the game Spore placing an install limit. The fact that DRM started to question who actually own the games you bought is what caused the issue. Regardless, DRM since then has got bigger and better, yet defeated each time by pirates. Evolutions have resulted in single player games where all the logic is on the game makerís servers (like Sim City).

Other types of DRM have been welcomed to the gaming community. The biggest one in this arena is Steam. Steam revolutionized how people owned games, or, in start-up terms, disrupted how people bought games. Before Steam, it wasnít abnormal for a gamer to have a metric ton of CDs and boxes for unused games. Steam changed this. You buy a game, it appears on a list, and you can download from almost anywhere without the need for the physical copy. Most people do not realize that Steam is actually a DRM tool. Each time you load a game, the developer can use Steam to check to see if you have a valid license. Besides this, developers actually make more money off Steam games than selling physical copies. It is a winning situation for the sellers and a good experience for the buyers. DRM is a necessary evil in the world of online gaming, but is fully capable of making the experience better for the consumer.

Player Spotlight
Ain't revealing who till you read on...

Written by WNxAngryScotsMan
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

Writing about one person for the Player Spotlight is one of the difficult things we have to do as publishers. Getting the nominations is more or less the easy part. Deciding whom to actually write about is another thing altogether. What makes a person a better choice than any of the others this month? What have they done this month that makes them stand out from the majority? However, sometimes itís not what a person does in one month but over a collection of months or even years. Thatís why this monthís player spotlight will be about WNxspeccarroo.

Read more ...
Being nominated by WNx Dobby, he told me that WNxspeccarroo has been a huge influence in helping League of Legends NA develop into one of the more flourishing sections of WN.
Ever since Speccarroo has made League of Legends NA her home, she's always been a driving force in getting things done. From providing in-game updates, new champion spotlights, game nights, and just regular support for members that need a hand, she is bringing the section together and having everyone come closer.
We need to go deeper. When asked, WNxSakido , GM of LoL NA, spoke about how WNxspeccarroo has contributed to the section and his response was quite inspirational to say the least:
ďShe's contributed the most by growing her own success. Basically she started off at rock bottom and had to claw her way up through extreme effort, and I caught wind of that vital spirit and gave her a leg up, because I remember being there too (except I was far too bashful and insecure to apply for any kind of leadership). Obviously she's done hard work and put in many hours of effort into making the section better, but the greatest asset she brings to the section is the inspirational story of humble beginnings to being a major outlier, and it fuels the section to do more with themselves. She's a true-blooded loyalist, through and through, and would defend that "family" viciously if it came to it. This is the kind of person WN needs more of, because it reflects on all of us, and this is the image we want.Ē
Along with all this, she is a constant help and pleasure to talk to within the Combat Media. Since her departure from the Publishing team (sad times) and her arrival in GAT, she has worked tirelessly to change the fact that she wasnít as experienced in it as other people. She has also contributed to several of the new banners through Operation Bootshine. In addition to that, she has a positive, mature and humours attitude, which makes her a delight to talk to in the forums. Overall, she thoroughly deserves this spotlight and letís hope she continues to be an inspirational icon to new comers for years to come.

If you know of someone who you think is worthy of being covered in next months issue, please send me a PM with your suggestions and we will pick from the collection of nominees.
Top Ten Worst Games of 2014
Because a best games of 2014 is too mainstream...

Written by WNxAngryScotsMan
__________________________ __________________________

At the end of the gaming year, it's usual for people to review the years games to see which were the best or, in this case, the worst. You may agree with the video and you may not, it all depends on your preferences and if you enjoyed the game or not. Overall, it's just for a bit of fun since it's the end of the year.

Interview With Deadpool
Everyone's favourite anti-hero

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

Obligatory sentence noting the continuation of the admin interview series with another installment. This month I caught up with Deadpool, as much as anyone can even catch up with that guy, anyway. Please do read on for some honest insight into the goings-on around WN and in Deadpool's life. I particularly liked the run-down of a typical day, and the cruel idea of mixing similar-looking sweets together before giving them as a gift.

Read more ...
Tell us about yourself, who is Deadpool?

Who is Deadpool? Man that is a loaded question in a nutshell. Well the first is the love of Mexican food (chimichangas, burritos, enchiladas), asian food, basically anything that has a drive thru window, and of course constantly giving people gifts of candy in which I mixed M&Ms and Skittles in the same bowl. One must always play the Deadpool game once a week just to make sure my video game self is in tip top shape and does not get fat incase I gotta save the world of something crazy like that. A great taste of music is also needed so having a balance of metal and classic rock really gets my pumping in the morning. Finally always inserting myself into another story or comic is really a must; I live for controversy .

What first attracted you to WN, who recruited you?

Man I was wondering around solo in Diablo 2 on the PC when WNxTazman recruited me. I had a very solid foundation with WN and was supported by Tazman, Clepto, Clive, Slasher, and many others from Diablo 2 East from back in the day.

You've been in WN for over 5 years now, could you give us a quick run-down of your previous ranks?

Hm. What all ranks have I held? In Diablo 2 I was CJ and MP for about a year. Switched over to CODMW2 360 because I had gotten an xbox and decided to chance and really only head SGT Major for a few months, really the whole time I was in MW2 I really did not hold a tag until I went from SGT Major to RO Captain which was about a year in. From there I switched to becoming a GC for Medal of Honor for a few months before that game died and I switched to BFBC2. I amost instantly became a Sgt Major right off after joining and then became BO Captain for over a year then Major for several months. Right after becoming Major of BFBC2 I had to oppurtunity to become a Col in Dev under Shover's reign. Then the restructured happened and I went to BG, spent some time there but real life kicked my butt so I switched to Col again. Then promoted back to BG again and stepped down when real life was kicking my rear again. I spent the last 2 years basically floating along hardly checking the forums and started getting back into gaming again and I was asked to help BF4 as a Engineer and only a few short months later I went from Engineer to Col back to BG again.

Congratulations on your recent promotion, what changes does this new rank bring about for you?

Nothing really. I am here to promote and establish console as best I can. Lately I have been slammed crazy with work but within the next month I will be changing positions and working more 8-5 and I have a good handle on doctoral school at the moment so I will have more time to oversee the development of Console itself and get us back on track.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for your department right now?

Console itself is a different beast and jungle all together, almost like the Wild West, real change comes in small doses and we have made great strides over the last few years to make that happen but still have areas to improve on. Really getting console gamers to get on the forums is the biggest challenge and can cause some mis-communication at times.

Do you have any big plans for your department in the future?

Well I will have more time in my new position but really we will be overhauling how we look at games and supporting them. It will be more sectional focused and game champ driven instead of the admin team driving the plow. The more the game champs can provide and do themselves makes the section more self-reliant.

What's a typical day for a Dev BG?

Man what is a typical day? Well I am usually up by 6:30 AM to the sound of my annoying alarm. Shit, Shower, Anti-Shave (totally rocking a grizzly man beard). Go to work for 9-24 hours really depending on my day and how bad my cases can get. Get home, shower to wash away the negativity that I dealt with all day. I usually then do some chores around my apartment (trash, dishes, cleaning something) and then I head to the lady friends house to eat dinner, spend time with her and her cats watch a movie or continue our binge watching of Criminal Minds, and I get home around 10 PM and I usually either do homework for my doctoral degree or watching Netflex/Hulu/Amazon Prime till about midnight to really unwind from the day. Around Midnight I usually go running or lifting depending on the day, followed by another shower and I am in bed by 1 AM only to start the day all over again.

It's been said in the past that the WN forum isn't suitable for console gamers. Do you think there's still an issue with console gamers getting onto the forum and has the introduction of web browsers on consoles helped at all?

Well I think that in general the issue is not getting console gamers onto the forums or in the clan but making ourselves appealing to console gamers. When they look at our website and our console sections look great and active then it is easier to get members to join. New member always want to join something active so that is what we are trying to provide.

Your primary is Diablo 3 on XB1. Do you think the Diablo 3 fan following is consistent across all platforms and what do you, in particular, like about the title?

I love the Diablo series and I think across the platforms that D3 has a good following but it will be nothing like D2 sadly. D3 in general I think fell into a problem of trying to be a game that it is not. Overall I like the game and have a lot of fun playing it but the following itself is select gamers who play with small groups of friends, not really a clan that can support it. The only reason would to join a clan in order to obtain gear but with small groups of friends able to do that same thing then it makes our job difficult.

Is there anything around WN you'd like to highlight to everyone, or anything else you'd like to add?

Really I feel that WN is in a huge transition phase because the admin staff across the board loves video games and we love WN and want to supply as much fun and enjoyment to the two aspects as possible. We have identified several areas that we can improve on and are attempting to slowly switch to those new phases in order to make the admin and support teams have more fun and less time doing stuff on the forums. We the admins are trying to get back to the enjoyment of games itself in order to show that we truly care about WN and with leading by example we are able to show that the top dogs can continue to enjoy and still get our business done. I think DO and GO overall have done an amazing job and will continue to do an amazing job.

Deadpool Out
Sectional Highlight
Minecraft PS3

Written by WNxAngryScotsMan
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

Ever since Minecraft took the gaming community by storm in 2011, itís hard to imagine any gaming network being void of it and we are no exception. Catering for the PC version and more recently, the PS3 version. Bringing in 38 primary members, itís no wonder it was recently released into the big bad world of Warrior Nation. So as a result of this, we caught up with the WNxWolfman, GM of Minecraft, to ask him so questions about the section.

Read more ...

So how did it feel for you and your team to be fully released?
It felt really good to get released. Now the big job is to keep the section alive and kicking.

For the people who donít know what ďMinecraftĒ is, would you kindly summarise what Minecraft is to us?
Well, Minecraft is a very basic graphic game. Itís where you survive or play adventure mode or just be in creative mode. Survival mode is were you go and survive against monsters while building shelter and expanding etc. Depending on what difficulty you are on will determine how dangerous the attacks are. Adventure mode I haven't played yet as itís with the new update. In essence, itís a game about being creative.

As GM, do you have any plans for the section that you wouldnít mind sharing? Or are they on a need-to-know basis as to protect your secret plans?
Well, my plans are having tournaments each month and game nights each week. On the tournaments I put up a 20 dollar PSN card prize and right now Iím planning a horse race on an obstacle course. I wanted to talk on mumble and let people know whatís happening in the races and the tournaments like an announcer.

Is there anything else youíd like to throw out there? Perhaps some free recruiting propaganda or just a statement on how your section is the best?
Iím still working on the details of recruitment and I would also like you to interview WNxHalfBlood. Heís one of my sergeant majors and he gets news on the update; he knows more then me on that subject.

And interview him we did.

What are your plans gonna be in order to help keep the section going and WNxWolfman told me that you are more familiar with the upcoming update, perhaps you'd like to enlighten us as to what it's bringing to the table?
Well to be honest I rather enjoy playing Minecraft in larger groups so I thought that I'd try and come up with new and fun games to create and play. Be it survival games or fun mini games. And in regards to the recent update, I just like to keep myself informed and I saw that none was posting anything in regards to the limited edition skin packs and texture packs. So I figured that I would take it upon myself to make sure everyone knew about it and were able to take advantage of the free stuff. I just really enjoy having a dedicated group of people to play Minecraft with and I'm happy that I found WN.

__________________________ __________________________
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12/15/2014 @ 3:18 pm
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Loyalty Medals - December 2014
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Loyalty Medals ~ December 2014

Last one of 2014, folks!

* * *

+10 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxKapitanTurtle (12 years)
WNxWhiteWolf (12 Years)
WNxFireDrake (10 Years)
WNxRoetorooter (10 Years)

~4 Members~

* * *

9 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~6 Members~

* * *

8 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~6 Members~

* * *

7 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~1 Member~

* * *

5 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~4 Members~

* * *

4 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~8 Members~

* * *

3 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxTaco Vendor

~13 Members~

* * *

2 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx CedricO
WNx iRawwwrr

~40 Members~

* * *

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~36 Members~

* * *

Congratulations on another year! I hope to see y'all on this list this time next year. Keep it up!


12/13/2014 @ 11:27 am
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New Development Brigadier Generals
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

"Please Boss, not the guinea pigs again. We need a sensible, adult way of deciding this one. The guinea pig race was fun, I'll admit that, but the poop Boss... the poop!"

Phoenix admitted that while her last admin selection process was fun, having all those guinea pigs running around the office created somewhat of a mess that Izanagi most certainly did not enjoy cleaning up and she felt guilty about that. Something else was needed... something less messy. At the same time though, she didn't like the idea of a selection process without the guinea pigs, so a solution was needed.

"Izanagi," she said, putting on her coat and heading for the door, "I need a process that includes the pigs, but excludes the mess. Come up with something while I go get some lunch. Gather the team when you've come up with something."

Phoenix returned with pizza a short time later to find Izanagi and ShadowZero sat in her office. "Boss, Izzy had another one of his stupid ideas... it is less messy though. He got the inspiration from his favourite extra-curricular activity..." Leaving that to hang in the air.

"...Eating?" asked Phoenix.

"Well... yes. He wants your guinea pigs to have an eating competition. We label up some food bowls with our candidates and the people whose names are on the first two emptied bowls, get the gig."

"Set it up." responded Phoenix, grinning.

Phoenix was called into the main office an hour or so later where Shadow and Izzy had set up the guinea pig pen and an assortment of labelled bowls with salad for the guinea pigs to eat their way through. "Isn't this going to take a while? That's a lot of salad in those bowls for your pigs to clear..."

Phoenix smirked, "Clearly you don't know guinea pigs."

Not ten minutes later, with Shadow and Izzy left gobsmacked at how quickly the pigs put away the salad, there were two empty bowls in the cage:

Click the image to open in full size. + Click the image to open in full size.

The following memo was dispatched immediately to the rest of the team.

The Department today has welcomed two new Brigadier Generals to the team. Please congratulate them on their very well deserved promotions.

Click the image to open in full size.


12/01/2014 @ 5:23 pm
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Story Time
Posted by:WNxIzanagi

Warrior Nation Presents:
How we almost got away.
(An Introductory tale based on a story told to me by a member of the guild. This piece is meant for entertainment purposes. The events are not all factual and should not be seen as such.)
as written by WNxAlacardia

The day started off well enough. We had a galleon full of packs and the sun at our back. Aye the pirates life was for me and my crew. Cruising the waters for ships on the horizon. It had been a rather successful day all in all. Treasure was in reach, and my eyes were set ahead on that pile of gold. Aye, just another successful day. So lost in fantasy was I with our haul that I barely noticed the rocks ahead. With my hardy crews eyes set on our wonderful haul. It was safe to say they didn't either. We all heard the crunch, and we felt the ship heave though.

The day started off well enough, the evening fared a whole lot worse. But my hearty crew takes more then a scuttling to bring them down. The Sea bugs were another story. But I survived, as did three of my loyal crew. Koger, Verum and Fizzle were the only others to come out of the water. As I turned by back to the sea and gazed at the shore I heard the clicking of more seabugs and the sickening crunch of another of my crew getting eaten. The terrified screams and frantic running of Koger and Verum told me we would never be seeing fizzle again.

We never saw Fizzle again, like I said prior. But we had high hopes ahead and our eyes once again turned to loot. But we had a few problems to contend with first. Firstly my harty crew had been drinking themselves into a depression. And how can I blame them? But money was tight and with a sweep of my hand I cleared the table and brushed aside all mannor of distraction.
"Lads! Get off your land lubbing arses and find me another boat!" I yelled in the harshest tones I could muster.

I was met with much cursing and Koger's drink nearly smashing me in the head. True diplomacy was a foot as I smashed the table against his belly with a push of my own. The voice of reason verum offered I go to hell. He would just get a glare, in the end my pirate crew would see things clearly. Koger through swollen bloody eyes. But he wanted his glass back anyways.

It didn't take us long to find some sorry saps to take us in. We met in a bar like the one we had just got done wrecking. Nill, Gorilla, Minku, each had sucker written right on their forhead. We joined there 'guild' after a round of drinks. Warrior Nation I think their name was. Yeah, that was the name. A whole hell of a lot of grog was passed around that day. It didn't take us long to find more help. It took a whole hell of a lot longer to gather the materials. Things were all going to plan though. The boat would fall under my command, and it was in private agreement that the last of my harty crew and I were going to stiff these sorry souls and leave them on dry land.

The days rolled into weeks. We took packs from one big town to the next big town. From a dry shit hole to a Wet shit hole. It was clear to say I didn't care for any of it. Only the boat was on my mind. But of course boats are very expansive. Galleons in general cost and arm and a lag. My supply of both had begun to dwindle since my good ol' pirating days. We managed to barter what we had for materials to build some clippers.
The sorry thing had nowhere to leave our packs though, and at times. We had fifteen cramped bodies each trying not to fall into the cold inky water. After having someone save you from falling over several times; You tend to grow a sense of Comradely. Indeed I ever found myself growing fond of our 'mules.' I begun to enjoy bitching at some of them. It was like they were part of my crew. Then Gorilladog spoke up and instantly I was reminded of the ultimate goal. It's amazing how hate keeps a man focused. We spend days running packs back and forth on our little boats. With me at the helm there was nothing that could stop our growing force.

Except for me of course, on that faithful day. We were done, the numbers just came in. We had everything we needed. Everyone had gathered, well most had gathered. Several of them turned out to be right good shipbuilders. As the hull was fixed, and the masts raised. I started my plan. While everyone was building. Jake, Verum, and I Made our way to the boat. Gorilla and Minku were busy with setting up the last Sail. My boys were busy fitting all the lines in place. Nill had gone back to land for a rest. Time past and Gorilla and Minku went to join them. A bottle was passed as they looked onwards to the beast they had all helped make.

We waved to the boys on land, giving them a thumbs up before kicking the level that released the ship into the water. Everyone cheered as we boarded. Everyone cheered as we turned the boat to the horizon and started to sail away. That stopped after a moment, koger leaning out the back to flip them a fond fairwell. Which was responded with cursing and a few missile weapons being fired at us. But we were long gone by then. Heading into the setting son. The specs on land grew smaller and smaller While the barren sea ahead started to take shape. Specs turned into ships, turned into angry pirates.
It seems some of my old crew had survived afterall. Shows you should never give up a search party five minutes after an accident. It develops some right angry fellows. I waved to some of my old gang. They in turn fired a few missiles at us. Verum knew the behavior well and the chant of "Skin all of them" was a big indicator he should take the helm and steer us back. Which because of the winds took us longer then it did in leaving the shore. Giving me plenty of time of come up with a plan.

On our return we spotted our 'comrades' preparing several harpoon clippers for a retrieval mission. Such a hurry they were in we got into yelling range before anyone tried to kill us.
"She runs like a beauty!" I yelled out to the shore line. As if It was the plan all along.
"The fuck Roland you had us worried.." Yelled back one of my 'trusted' mates.
"Like I would ever leave a crewmen behind." I responded with a scoff. Koger coughed into his fist and I shot him a glance. He wandered off and idly whistled as he lowered the sails. Allowing us to rest gentle on the shoreline.
And so It was that everyone got on board and a celebration was had. We had plenty to celebrate. We had our lives and a big boat. Our crew had more then trippled. Even if this ship went the way of it's predecessor we could count of them to help us fix it. Several cried out the name Warrior Nation. To the cheers of the rest. Shit, I'm a trusted member of a guild now.

Now here we are months later. A rag tag crew took shape into something akin to a sea monster. Battle would be had over land as well though. With my bloodthirsty crew at my side for nearly every charge. The scent of burning gunpowder was our breakfast. The screams of the dying our preffered genre of music. Minku even went through a short phase of drinking that which he killed. We thought it weird and he quit shortly after that.
But one again we had our eyes set on treasure, and our blades aims for throats. Aye, I wasn't a pirate anymore; I was a Privateer. A member of Warrior Nation and quickly on my way to being a Cornerstone of the Community. Aye it might not have been the Pirate's life. But it was still for me.

They held me at knife point and forced me to do their release story! So everyone give it up for the newest section to be released from development.

and their first officer team.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Gratz and stay away from Osama. He bites.

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