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09/04/2014 @ 7:28 am
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Loyalty Medals - September 2014
Posted by:WNxSol1ce

+10 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 8 Members ] -

9 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 3 Members ] -

8 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx Cordrone

- [ 9 Members ] -

7 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 4 Members ] -

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 3 Members ] -

5 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 1 Members ] -

4 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 4 Members ] -

3 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


- [ 12 Members ] -

2 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx ArcheryNel

- [ 18 Members ] -

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx Knievel jajaja
WNx Schumacher iMA

- [ 21 Members ] -

Congratulations everyone, hopefully till next year! :)

09/01/2014 @ 9:59 am
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Monthly Medals - July 2014
Posted by:WNxBear

Click the image to open in full size.

Medal of Communication

Those that have reached a high level of communication by having a strong presence, positive influence, strive to educate and motivate to improve and participate within Warrior Nation.

No one fits that description more than WNxDarkNyx.
He is a member that ALWAYS has something positive to say or is willing to help someone in a positive manner. Whether through the forums or through mumble, or in game. He continues to show excellence. Even when he writes an IS ticket it is still in a positive. none demeaning manner to the member.

I've seen him post in the OC many times always with a heartfelt congratulations or friendly advice for people that have may have issues.Those are just a few examples of the many ways that WNxDarkNyx is a positive influence on the nation.

We rarely hand out this medal these days and it is a shame. So we should start handing it out again by giving it to someone who really deserves it.

- [WNxDarkNyx] -

Click the image to open in full size.

Medal of Honor

This medal signifies those who have proven themselves to be of the utmost integrity which is a distinction of their respect towards fellow members, the laws of Warrior Nation , and the basis of our belief in regards to brotherhood and unity. They are a brilliant example to all other members of Warrior Nation.

From my time spent in WN over the past 8 years & of my recent return WNxBear previously WNxCookie has done nothing but devote countless hours to improving the Warrior Nation community as a whole with what he does best, Using his creative flair & humor! He has played an integral role in my time back in Warrior Nation and done nothing but make me feel welcome and respected. We communicate daily on mumble and xfire on ways we can improve the Combat Media Department & the nation as a whole, we work closely together working on the weak points and turning them into our strengths. The fact he is always there to talk to and work with is inspiring myself and everyone around him, Not to mention he has a killer sense of humor.

He has spent years working on this department & it has needed someone as active and stable as himself to achieve what he has done. It is people like him that make this place fun for myself & all of the team. He is always open to new idea's and trying new out of the box projects to see what works. Whenever I'm not pulling my weight, he's right there to give me the drive I need to achieve my goals. Without saying his leadership is brilliant.

Creatively speaking Bear has spent a lot of time creating tags/medals/icons & much of the hidden artworks around the forums. Speaking from experience these thing's take a special knack to create and do well. I have seen many leaders come and go in this department & I would have to say Bear has lead it miles beyond places any of his predecessors have. He is a man of action & I cant think of anyone who deserves this medal more than he does.

He is a brilliant example to everyone in Warrior Nation with his oustanding leadership and impeccable charisma.

- [WNxBear] -

Click the image to open in full size.

Medal of Correspondence

Awarded to members of Combat Media who consistently contribute and produce high quality creative content.

Without this person the Nation would be a lot less colorfull. Without this person; GAT would be dead, Combat Media wouldn't be what it is now, Warrior Nation would be a lot less interesting, wouldn't I have a person to talk to. He is probably the one of the biggest reasons why I continue what I do in Warrior Nation and the CM and I'm sure he does that to many others of you!

This man, is a powerfull guy and he went out there and made something I am absolutely proud of. And by far the best Combat Media Brigadier General there has been. He even surpassed me as a BG.
- [WNxPartyWeapon] -

Click the image to open in full size.

Medal of Stability

Those that have reached a high level of communication by having a strong presence, positive influence, strive to educate and motivate to improve and participate within Warrior Nation.

This member is beyond deserving of this award. She has really given her section life and given them someone to strive to be like by setting an example. The past couple months the section got hit with members leaving or becoming inactive. She put it upon herself to pick up the work load and bring order to the section's chaos. She started and still is recruiting at least 1 member a day who she tests and trains before allowing them in. Looking back I can find countless new recruit threads she has made for over 16 recruits and counting. These recruits were all recruited in by her and she has become the section's main recruiter. This huge intake of members has given them the ability to not only strengthen themselves in-game but also allowed them to do lots of events that other sections can't do.

They have plenty of clan wars events and other big threads mainly ran by Mrs. Rebel with help from other leadership staff. The threads themselves are brought up on the forums by her and posted by her. I've included a few examples of changes and events she has been apart of in some fashion. These examples include: New structure changes, rank task changes, clan wars events & schedules, clan v clan competitions, their own Elite Clan Roll call to clear out inactive members on the Ghost app, section rules, and officially posted game nights.

She is also very active in-game and plays with clan members as much as physically possible. She's been mentored by her husband who is now the current Major so she understands how to treat members and help them out as much as possible. As support for this section, I personally respect the achievements this member has done to take this section held together by tape and fixed it up to be one of the top sections in Warrior Nation. She's gone above and beyond the normal amount of work any member is asked to do and has shown that hard work and dedication does pay off.

- [WNxMrsRebelCop] -

09/01/2014 @ 8:37 am
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Monthly Spotlight - September 2014
Posted by:WNxTrAffic

Monthly Spotlight!

Leader of the Month!
Click the image to open in full size.

This guy helped to build WN's largest section not only in Dev but in WN. All this while his dad suffers from ALS & runs a youth group & his own parkour business. He treats everyone with the upmost respect, keeps mumble packed full of members & recruits flowing into the guild daily.

Now at 140+ primaries we will be exploding out of development & that achievement should not go un-noticed. He runs frequent game nights & has showed leadership quality in all aspects of this game section.


Recruiters of the Month!
Click the image to open in full size.


Over the last few months WNxTalon has undergone a tremendous turn around as a member of Warrior Nation. This member has over come personal real life problems and empowered himself to manage in game 'emotional stability' issues, to where he is quickly becoming a well trusted, responsible and productive member of the DOTA 2 Federation. A recent string of accomplishments which speak to this members personal renaissance is his constant recruitment of Warrior Nation members. Within the last few months WNxTalon has recruited (5) members who remain active in the DOTA 2 in game community; WNxAbysmal , WNxAcheuth , WNxAeosis , wnxJitterz , WNxmcnw. Because of WNxTalon's tremendous personal achievement and recruitment success, I would like to encourage and reward him with this month's RotM award.

Members of the Month!
Click the image to open in full size.


WNxMinku has made a positive and productive impact on the DOTA 2 Section, despite his short tenure with Warrior Nation. WNxMinku has extensive in game knowledge, which he constantly uses to educate, lead and mentor younger and less experienced members within the Section. WNxMinku's calm and professional demeanor can always be relied upon during Game Nights and Events, and thus earned a tremendous level of respect from Senior Leaders within the Section. WNxMinku's technical skill and in game expertise of DOTA 2 have earned him a position on the Section's Competition Alpha Team. WNxMinku is an example and inspiration to other members of Warrior Nation, and very deserving of this month's MotM award.


Where to start with this guy... Aeon is our chief resident scientist, his work includes figuring out the attacks per second of melee weapons and their stance. If you want to know how, ask him, was a long explanation. He also made a detailed 'tier list' of weapons. Aeon also holds the fast obstacle course run in our clan (and possibly the game). He is continuely active and is always helping new and old members anyway he can.

Here are the links to his work:
Melee APS
Weapon Tier List
Obstacle Course Runs

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3):

This Member was very inactive for the longest time and wasn't even making a post but here lately he has been a star member. he posts regularly and is very active in game. he has a mic but i havent heard him speak but you know what they say actions speak louder than words. this members listen and respects his leadership on the games and the forums and wheres his tags with honor.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (360):

Our Member of The Month is WNxMandatoryAcid5. He put in some of the most hours in both Clan Wars in August, and he was voted co-winner of the Clan Wars MVP competition. He is always active in game and on the forums; if there's anything going on, you can count on him being there. He always has a positive attitude and is arguably one of the best "team players" that we have in our section by taking the lead when needed and by recognizing when someone else should do the same. He both gives and looks for advice to improve himself and other members. Personally, I feel like this relatively new member (joined July 17) is a great example of what we look for in all new members and has really proven himself throughout the month of August.

Battlestar Galactica Online:

This member deserves recognition for his outstanding support in Battlestar Galactica Online. He goes out of his way to support our new members in getting much need resources for the game. An example of this is WNxSplinterCellOmaga was down to 200 tylium (Resources) which is not enough to do anything at all with. After 2 hours of support he was over 1 million in tylium along with other resources for upgrades to gear and titanium for repairs. His knowledge of the game has led to many of our members testing builds and getting better knowledge of the game in order to make a stronger wing for the section.

Clash of Clans

Joseppi always shares his opinions. Some better than others but he never sells himself short. He's been a valuable asset in both our war clan and more importantly now, our casual clan. He is now leading the recruiting part of our in-game global chat. This is no easy task as you have the normal immaturity of simple minded fools merely joining in-game to request high end troops and jump ship. Along with those who join us in-game to try and recruit for there own clan and jump ship. This is even more challenging for Jope because he not only has to weed out the clan jumpers but then has to start working on making these new members WNx worthy. Jope's efforts are not unnoticed and everything he does is appreciated

Congrats everyone on a job well done!

08/26/2014 @ 12:15 pm
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Another section released!
Posted by:WNxLeg3nd

Everyone give a big congrats to the one and only:

They have worked hard to get where they are now, ready to go forth as a fully released section. We are really excited as this is one of the first mobile sections ever to make it in WN. With two teams working as one they are showing just what Warrior Nation can do; beating other guilds and showing that we're a pretty strong force to be reckoned with. We've loved seeing how far their members have come; becoming a tight knit groups of players constantly helping each other improve, develop their tactics and rallying their troops in battle.
With that, we would like to congratulate our newest sections' first leadership team!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Serve well and keep it up, I am proud of you all!

08/26/2014 @ 6:57 am
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Section Released!
Posted by:WNxIzanagi

Everyone give a congratz to

They have worked hard and now they are released into the wild blue yonder.

Also give it up for it's first leadership team.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

As a side note they have 146 members, that makes them one of the bigger sections in recent memory to be released, so give them a gratz on that as well!

Work hard and keep it up guys!

08/10/2014 @ 12:23 pm
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Monthly Spotlight - August 2014
Posted by:WNxWaivie

Monthly Spotlight!

Members of the Month!
Click the image to open in full size.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360)

He hosts game nights and does write ups for his and other game nights (with lobby pics), he was literally waking up at 5am to play clan wars or just to participate with the clan. He's friendly and inviting and has made the new members feel comfortable and welcome. He is always willing to give advice while still willing to take advice from other members in game. You can always count on him to party up and participate, even if he's playing another game or on another console, send him a message and he will join you. Not only has he been a member of Warrior Nation since 2008, he has been a cornerstone of our section with dependability and positive attitude. Plus, he genuinely cares about every single member he comes into contact with. He has been a huge asset to our section and will continue to be based on these qualities and more.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This month Toto has embodied the values of an ideal member. He has been a consistent poster by involving himself in all aspects of discussion whilst even promoting forum activity on his own accord with some refreshing new threads. Whilst I value his presence on the forums his involvement in-game has also not gone unappreciated. Toto is online all the time and he is always willing to interact with whoever else is online whether that be just saying hello or hanging out on mumble. Not only this but he has participated well in our current Nationstone tournament, successfully navigating the early rounds to reach the Grand Finals! It is for Toto's consistency, activity, friendliness and skill that I nominate him for Hearthstone's July Member of the Month.

Guild Wars 2 Gandara (EU)

Melina, or Ghost as we know her, is a perfect example of a pro-active and helpful member. I don't want to patronise her, but she came to us through her daughter, WNxUrisen, and she was known for quite some time as "Uri's Mum/Mom." (Which, as an aside, always makes me think of the Fountains of Wayne song "Stacey's Mom.") I mention this because it's a title by association - we're only naming her using Uri when we call her that - more on that later. As is the case for many WN members: English isn't her native language, but she's tried exceptionally hard to communicate with us over the time she's been in the section and was one of the early participants in our move to the GW2community TeamSpeak, even though she previously stated that voice comms scare her - presumably for the aforementioned language obstacle. She's always one of the first to volunteer for something, or willing to help, and is a welcome presence in guild chat and pleasure to have around. On top of all that, as if it wasn't great enough, she's also really, really, pro at GW2, is definitely one of our more skilled members, and quickly becoming one of the most experienced. In these ways she quickly broke free from her name by association and into one of her choosing - Ghost - the super-active, super-friendly, super-skilled, super-member! This nomination is long overdue.

Clash of Clans

Mescalino walks out of his clan castle towards the Townhall to discuss the war efforts. From a distance he sees Crabs still covered in blood from last war. Mescalino walks closer to see whats been going on, and instantly calls Shep and Clerve to come and take a watch. They see the troops are being drilled. Crabs waves his swords angry in the air, "Hurry up with those push ups you maggots!" he scream. "These wars aren't won on looking pretty!" The Archer Queen heard that last comment and gives crabs a stare. Crabs ignores the stares as he goes over his troops and plans a new strategy for the upcoming war. Mescalino grabs his chin, "this is the type of dedication we need!". Clerve gives Crabs a pat on the back, "You are an example to everyone in the clan!". Shep gives Crabs a high five, "You're awesome!". Mescalino says, "We need soldiers who are prepared to go that extra mile and do what is needed to make this a success. We must report this to the Barbarian King so he gets recognition for this."

Call Of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

This member is always nice to everyone she meets. One of the biggest reason that I would like to recognize that she did an outstanding job during last months clan war and she has play the most I have ever seen and since then she has continued to play the game every night. The member is respectable to everyone and has made friends with all of our members. Thus is why I think she deserves member of the month.

Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)

Melzar has silently become a cornerstone of the BF4 section. He games just to game and really has not thought about trying to climb the ladder at all. He welcomes anyone in the party (we have our own weird humor but welcoming nonetheless) and overall almost naturally has people gravitate to him. Any new person instantly loves the guy. He always is competitive in the weapon challenges and wins his fair share of them. Overall Melzar has singly handedly help elevate the section to one that really enjoyable to be ingame with. The party is always loud and fun and its never a bore.

Also for those who knows Melzar knows this will slowly kill him inside. He hates promotions and awards just go and look at any promotion thread he is involved in.


This member has gone above and beyond what would be expected of a Warrior Nation member not in a leadership position. WNxMercy's ability to draw from over 12 years of dedication and experience, and then channel this into constructive criticism and advice is a priceless resource to the Officers of DOTA:2 (NA). WNxMercy has sacrificed personal time and put forth tremendous effort improving the critical Basic Information Guide (Thread) within the DOTA 2 (NA) Section's forum (REF: GUIDE). WNxMercy continues to inspire fellow members to participate in community events by creating informative 'WN Highlight' threads (REF: HIGHLIGHT). WNxMercy's constant participation in mumble and the forum can always be counted to not only be professional, but to also be constructive and insightful. WNxMercy is an example to other members within Warrior Nation, and sets the standard for members within the Section to aspire.

Congratulations guys, you are what drives the community forward!


08/09/2014 @ 6:02 am
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The Nation Rewind - Issue #7
Posted by:WNxHollow

Foreword by the Guest Editor

Any excuse for some face-time

__________________________ __________________________
If you've been following our publications so far you'll remember that our ex-editor, Disturbance, resigned last month and we, of course, wish him all the best for the future! We actually do have a new editor already, who I'm sure most of you will know, but I was asked to guest edit this issue before he started full-time. So, here we are, and here I get to write something free-form right on the front page!

I'd like to draw your attention, while I have it, to three things. Firstly there's the opportunity for you to give your views on what we publish in the future. You can do that either in this thread, as you can with any issue we publish, or in the dedicated feedback thread. Now you know you can tell us what to do, how about going one better and get involved by submitting your own work? Again there is a dedicated thread on the topic, but the basic premise is that you write an article and submit it to the editor so it can hopefully be included in a future issue. Thirdly, we do still want more people on the combat media team and you can find all the application forms, for publisher and other roles, at the bottom of each issue we publish.

Without further ado: here's what our new editor, WNxHorizon , wants to say:
Originally Posted by WNxHorizon
Hi everyone, I've recently been promoted as Editor but Issue 7 was already taken care of by the great Publishing team. I'm currently away on holiday but on my return I'm hoping to bring in some more Publishers and create more consistent and varied content, so get involved!
That's all from me; thanks for reading. Thanks to the CM admins for the opportunity and thanks to our real editor for letting me write this!


Happy 300th Birthday!
A tribute to signatures over the years

Written by WNxHorizon
__________________________ __________________________

( All article banners provided by WNxPartyWeapon )

Look around the site. Check your forums. Admire your signature. At every one of those stages over the years our Graphics Team have played a crucial role in producing some stunning imagery. And for the last category in particular, GAT are having a very special birthday - it's the 300th Sig Of The Week (SoTW) competition, highlighting years of competition and fantastic design across some really varied themes. Check out the impact that Sig Of The Week has had on this clan and countless generations of members with creative talent.

The humble Sig Of The Week competition began well back in June 2005, which is longer than all but a very loyal few have been part of the clan. Back then the submissions weren't as secret but the contributions were just as significant and well received. After several submissions, WNxV!T0Z - who was to become a future GAT Head - was the victor in that first week and this set the platform for the quirky weekly feature to become embedded within the cultural traditions of WN. 25 people voted in that first week, rising to over 40 within just a month - it was clearly a hit with the membership. With an ever varied bunch of themes since picked, including Numbers, Ninjas and even Nyan Cat, there have been countless opportunities for those with graphics knowledge to apply their trade and showcase their skills across a whole variety of genres.

It's also been the place for many to learn their trade, developing skills in a friendly competition and working with more advanced artists to make themselves even more proficient. It's true that many former GAT Heads, including our current Combat Media Major General and Brigadier General took part in multiple competitions, often organising them and winning quite a few. Now running the special 300th competition, I asked WNxPartyWeapon for a few words as we reached this historic landmark:

__________________________ __________________________
GAT to me is a personal obsession within the clan - it's something I have been a part of on and off since I originally joined WN 8 years ago. For some reason I cant keep myself away from it and I could say I owe the department a debt of changing the course of my career choice when it comes to my personal life. It was GAT that inspired me and taught me graphics which then drove me to pursue a career in graphic design which I am now achieving.

Upon my return this year, I noticed the department had no leader & was struggling with activity. It has been an absolute pleasure complimenting the forums with the aesthetics of new banners and icons & rebuilding the team from the ground up with WNxHorizon & WNxBear. The teams now at a place that I'm really proud of with everyone putting hours of effort into re-developing all the forums artwork which is great to see.

One of my personal favorite aspects of GAT is the longest running - almost 10 years! - Warrior Nation competition; SOTW. For years the nation's finest artists have battled it out when it comes to whit, skills and creativity. To continue this tradition is just outright awesome and inspiring; it's something that all clan members can get involved in & many members are wearing sets made from pieces entered into the competitions. This week is a special one as we are looking for a new banner to be displayed for the competitions for perhaps years to come. So it will be great to see the turnout of entries and votes for this one!
While the competition hasn't run every single week since June 2005, it has been a stalwart and much loved feature of the clan with a great history, and long may it continue. The next step - the 500th SOTW!

Section Highlight: CoD Ghosts (360)
Set the bar

Written by WNxTrAffic
__________________________ __________________________

This section has gotten a spotlight in the past but because of their immense achievements for the clan they are now getting another one. They went through a rough patch to get to where they are now. However, they persevered and stuck with it to get to their current standing. They've also been seen everywhere; promoting everything from changes they wish to see in Warrior Nation to positions in Combat Media that are open. The section who has completed such a feat is no other then the Call of Duty Ghosts 360 section.

Read more ...

With a roster of 54 members and counting they have done an outstanding amount of recruiting who they test and train before allowing in the clan. They've hold a bar for their members to reach and the members know and understand that. The section has reached a record score for themselves in the Platinum Division and held first place from the first day with a score of 483 which was a 311 point lead over the 2nd place team with only 172 points. They've also had a record number of primaries last month of 63 before cleaning out those who are inactive to make sure standards are kept. A record number of members playing in clan wars was another amazing feat for them with 31 players playing since the creation of a clan wars team. Lastly, they've reached the max level in the Elite clan app getting their red clan tags that make all other players cower in fear.

As section support I couldn't be more proud for a section to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. The leaders have really held the section up and have given other sections a standard to try and meet if they can. In the future I expect to see more great things from this section and see them strive to be at the top.

The Progress of the Video Gaming Industry
Years in the making

Written by WNxOdy
__________________________ __________________________

Click the image to open in full size.

The video gaming industry has come a long, long way. In fourty years we have gone from a novel fad into a full, respectable and competitive industry, however in the last seven years in particular, we have made incredible progress – even ignoring all the negative aspects, and steps backward. In half a decade we saw the rise of three new or revitalised genres of games (atmospheric explore-em-ups; roguelike; and ARTS/MOBA), the explosion of the independent developer or studio, and the United States ruling video games as being art.

Read more ...

But there is much more than just that: schools are now taking game development and design seriously (as well as the schools themselves being taken seriously), the profession is a lot more accessible now, and self-publishing thanks to the birth of crowdfunding became a reality. A huge chunk of humanity itself now enjoys gaming in some form, and is arguably one of the most rapidly advancing industries in the world in terms of technology and technique.

In seven years, we've seen the rise of gaming YouTube channels, charity events raising in excess of one million dollars regularly, and nations with no or little previous gaming industry or culture start to absorb and catch up. It's undeniable, video gaming is now an irreplacable part of society, and will only grow and grow as time goes forth. How will the industry change in seven more years?

Occulus Rift and Project Morpheus, Nvidia Shield, and even tablets are all realistic possibilities, but there may even me more wild inventions – Google Glass might even attract its own form of interactive entertainment, perhaps in the form of Augmented Reality Games (ARGs). The industry is full of flaws, faces many political and social challenges, and even has poison within itself, but it's a marvellous industry and will only get better from here.

A Technical Interview
The Best Kind of Interview...

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

Click the image to open in full size.

If you've been following our issues you know the drill with these admin interviews. This month I caught up with the head of Tech Ops to see what makes them tick, what Tech Ops is all about, and what they've got planned for us in the coming months. I'd like to thank WNxFallen for his quick turnaround time on this interview, which I also wanted to mention because it just goes to show how fast a worker he is. Well, either that or he's got too much time on his hands!

Read more ...

Tell us about yourself, who is Fallen?
Fallen is a 28 year-old Computer Programmer turned System Administrator from Wisconsin, USA. He is a happily married man of four years to a woman who introduced herself by pieing him in the face at a college function. The Master, as he likes to be called, and his wife are expecting their first child, a little girl, in October and are both impatiently awaiting her arrival. In his spare time, His Supreme Masterness likes to play softball, watch movies, play video games, do tech stuff, and many other things.

We understand you're a computer programmer in real-life. How long have you been doing that, we assume you enjoy it?
I actually switched jobs in January to a System Administrator, but yes for four and a half years before that I was a Computer Programmer for a network of clinics and hospitals in Wisconsin. I enjoy programming a lot, it's something that challenges the mind quite a bit, but I had to switch or my employer was going to drive me to drink We are in the middle of a "transition", and it was harder on some more than others, and I was part of the "some". But, I'm enjoying my job again and having a wonderful time doing the administration of the systems.

What first attracted you to WN, who recruited you?
WNxJedo and I had actually formed a League of Legends clan with several others called Well Fed. Jedo left after while to join WN, and eventually Well Fed ran out of members, and he popped back over to say that I should join him in WN and that they had a *huge* LoL section. He wasn't lying, that's for sure. Within a few minutes I had registered and been approved. It was the large section and always having someone to play games with, tied with all the positions they offered normal members that really got me here and kept me interested.

You've been around WN a few years, what ranks have you held in the past?
Oh dear... Well, within a month of joining I was the CJ for the LoL section and a SWAT member, and then *checks user notes* FO and GM of Diablo 2, Editor, MD, Historian, Console Black Ops/Recon, RPG Engineer, Dev BG, RPG Comms BG, RPG MG, and finally Colonel of TO. Been a fun, colorful history -- I'm not exactly sure what position I liked most, but I have to say I'm enjoying TO so far, even if things are a little slow going right now.

You're the head of the new Tech Ops department now. For people that missed it, what's it all about?
Tech Ops is all about helping WN's members with technological tasks or requests. We're here to make WN a little easier to use, update it in several areas, and really try to bring it up to speed with the social media world that we live in. Eventually we'll have other departments than Coding, but that's where we're starting because that's the area of most need right now.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for your department right now?
Trying to figure ourselves out, how each other works, and just getting some ideas flowing for how we want our first project to go. We've all got some pretty strong opinions, so trying to bring them all together and work out what we actually want to do. Timezones are also a bit of a challenge, as right now I'm the only one from the US and WNxTermination is an Aussie, so we only have a few hours to talk things over before one or the other has to go to bed.

What big things does your department have planned for the future?
We're watching the suggestions and bugs forum and trying to pick off some "easy" ones to take care of and get our feet wet, and we hopefully will have your Auto Table one done and up shortly (if it hasn't been already by the time this publishes). We're going to be doing a major update to how WN's web pages are coded, transforming about 200+ pages into a CMS-like application. We'll be starting from the ground up, so that means creating the framework underneath it that we'll use in all future projects, then creating the CMS, moving the pages over, and then seeing it live. We're calling this the "technical redesign", as we won't be changing any of the themes or layouts (too much, at least), just making it easier for people to add/update/remove pages. After that, we'll hopefully be ready to do a theme update and redesign of the WN site, and possibly looking at updating our forum software. It's quite ambitious, but I think we can handle all of that and then some.

Without tying you down to anything too specific: these technical and thematic redesigns of the site. I know the thematic one is something people are eagerly anticipating, do you have any idea how long it might be before we start to see it happening? Three months, six months?
At a very minimum I would say it's 3 months before we even start thinking about doing the thematic redesign. What we've got lined up already will take a fair amount of time to pull off, and I don't want to be rushing out things just to get them out to you guys -- they need to be quality work that won't break within the first few minutes of release. We also don't have an actual designer on the team, just a bunch of programmers, so we'd need to track someone down for that as well. I guess the short answer is "soon", but the more involved answer is "I honestly don't know because reasons." :)

What's a typical day for the head of Tech Ops?
The typical day for me is to go to work for about 8-10 hours a day, then come home, make some supper, then scour the forums and try to get as much communication and work done for WN before I have to work again for a few hours at night. This could range from posting threads, chatting up our Google Hangout, uploading images, updating forum permissions, and so on. I also end up bugging WhiteWolf a lot and trying to keep HellDragon and TWHIZ from burning the place down as well -- so far so good

Your primary game is Diablo 3. Most people will have heard of either Diablo 2 or 3 (which is really just more Diablo 2, right?) and the WN section is very strong right now. What do you think is contributing to the section's success and do you think Diablo 3 will have the sticking-power of it's predecessor?
Diablo 3 is the same principle as Diablo 2, but different character types/classes and different areas. D3 had a pretty rocky start as a game, Blizzard came pretty close to killing the game I think. But, things have gotten a lot better since launch, and now we have the expansion, which has majorly helped the game out. I have to give props to WNxGreyWolf and WNxWindedHero, two great GMs who have really kept the section alive and kicking. I'm honestly not sure if D3 will have as long and steady of a run as Diablo 2 did, but so far Blizzard seems pretty committed to improving the game and keeping us around.

A Brief Look at How You Buy Games
Models, models, models... oh my!

Written by WNxJango Fett
__________________________ __________________________

A relatively recent “innovation” in gaming is paying for access to a game’s testing phase or funding a game with consumer money. There are consequences for each of these models in comparison to the traditional model of buying games. These factors are important to the consumers of games, the readers of this, to consider before passing money over for the game. In my article, I will take a brief glimpse into each of the three models of buying games.

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The first model of buying games is the traditional; you get what you see. Plenty of games get released like this, a final product ready for consumption (hopefully). Within this category you will find games like Skyrim, BF4, and many other games. It is a proven model, but with downsides. The final product might not be what the game creators ultimately envisioned because the people who provided the money said otherwise. They essentially lose creative control, to a degree, of their game. While this might be considered an “evil” in the gaming community: the people controlling the funding for the game are fully within their rights to control the story their product is putting out. These people (or companies) are taking a risk in each videogame they make. Games that are considered AAA games cost a lot of money. With this in mind, they want to be putting out a game with a message they think will sell.

Born from the money issues of the first model we have the idea of buying a game before any real work has been done on it, a model made famous by the website Kickstarter. Games you see like this are Star Citizen, Yogventures, and Divinity: Original Sin. Complete creative control to the developers should make this model ideal, but it is not. Of those three games I mentioned, which of them got cancelled? If your guess was Yogventures, you would be right. A question that may be raised now is did the people get refunded for the failed product? No. I believe they got a copy of another game (that was already made). They essentially spent half a million dollars on something they never got. I am not saying that funding a game series before it is made is a bad idea. It makes it possible to get good games that would not be made otherwise. What I am saying is that the risk for the product is placed on the consumer. The consumer can only make their decision based on ideas presented to them and not based on the final product. Another example of a Kickstarter that was ultimately sold to another company would be Oculus Rift, which was later bought by Facebook. This further cements the idea that the funders are ultimately consumers of the product and not shareholders. While I am not here to discuss the ethics of a company in Kickstarter, it is important to understand that the model of buying games like this is passing all the risk onto the people buying the game. You better be certain the studio will uphold their promise before funding them.

The final model is buying access into a beta or alpha. Why would a studio who already has funding do this? On one hand, they get paying testers and can start paying back the shareholders on the game. Also, this can help fund them to finish the game. On the other hand, they are essentially releasing, and having you pay for, an unfinished product. It essentially provides them an excuse for their game to be unfinished. Before I completely bash the model, I should give some examples of games that fit this like Minecraft, Towns (Ed Note: Avoid Towns like the plague!), and any game in Steam Early Access. Minecraft did the model right. They used the funding to make a game better than they would have otherwise. Towns is the exact opposite of this. While they did provide updates for a while, they ultimately just stopped updating it because the money was not there for them. This model places some risk on the end user, but, at the same time, balances the risk with the studio to a degree. The studio cannot sell early access to a game that does not exist. In this way, a consumer has something to judge their purchase on. With this in mind, the consumer should be buying the existing game and not based on the promises to minimize their risk of getting a bad game.

There is no right model of buying or making games; each has their own merits. Personally, I have bought games within all of the models and have been satisfied to a degree. I regularly purchase finished games and buy games like Minecraft in alpha. I also participated in the funding of Star Citizen, a game that, while is unfinished, is producing playable content for me. As a consumer, it is important to keep in mind what you are paying for and what type of finished product you can expect. By understanding the models you can make informed game buying decisions.

Aggression Linked to Videogames
Incompetence, not inhumanity

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

Violence in videogames is a hotly-debated topic. Gamers themselves have wide-ranging views but the main instigators of discussion and potential change on the subject are normally conservative groups in the US. One of the latest such occasions was in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings in December 2012, where the killer, Adam Lanza, ended the lives of 28 individuals, including his own. Some groups called for tighter gun control, some called for a ban on violent videogames because it emerged that the shooter was "obsessed" with Call of Duty.


By the by, the groups attributing the shootings to Call of Duty were the pro-gun lobbies, who obviously wouldn't join the campaign for tighter gun control. Nevertheless, there are groups claiming that violent videogames cause real-life violence and the mass-shootings that the US sees in a seemingly ever-increasing frequency. The research to prove a link between the two is spotty at best, and most, though not all, points to the suggestion that videogames don't cause violent behaviour. PCGamer had an article that covered the post-Sandy Hook situation quite well, so I won't repeat it here for lack of space. I mention all this because it happened. The shooting happened and those were people's reactions to it. However, a year and a half onwards, we have access to newer research which looks at videogame violence in a different way. What if it's not the violence in the videogames but something else, which causes people to become violent?

A study earlier this year from the University of Oxford (UK) and University of Rochester (US) found that aggression can be attributed to videogames but was mostly prevalent when the game made players feel incompetent in some way. They tested subjects on both "violent" and "non-violent" games, which they had modded, and found that the deciding factor in whether people became aggressive was whether they were able to "master" the game after 20 minutes of play. From a gamer's perspective I think it's safe to say that word is misplaced - you can't master anything in 20 minutes, game or otherwise. Regardless, the point stands: if you're struggling to understand something you're more likely to get violent. Now, consider how this applies to games you play now. Isn't it frustrating when someone keeps killing you over and over in CoD? Maybe they're hacking, right? We like to think that, because the alternative is that they're better than us - or that we're incompetent at the game. I've raged after dying repeatedly and I've seen others do it too (Dark Souls rage has echoed through the house). I've felt more aggressive dying in a videogame than I have on a killing-spree in a videogame - though I suppose the feeling of accomplishment after killing 5 or 6 people is something we should also explore at some point. One of the authors of the paper, Dr. Przybylski, states:
"We focused on the motives of people who play electronic games and found players have a psychological need to come out on top when playing. If players feel thwarted by the controls or the design of the game, they can wind up feeling aggressive. This need to master the game was far more significant than whether the game contained violent material. Players of games without any violent content were still feeling pretty aggressive if they hadn't been able to master the controls or progress through the levels at the end of the session."
There's also a responsibility on the developer, then, to ensure that their game doesn't go out of it's way to make people feel incompetent. Of course games should present a challenge; of course they should get harder as the levels progress; of course you should get temporarily stuck on a difficult boss fight. Those are all part of the game. When the researchers inverted the controls, or did other random things with them, so that players didn't get the outcome they were expecting: then there was also a rise in aggression. Luckily many games offer you the ability to customise the controls to your liking from within the game. If it really is videogames causing people to go out and shoot up a school then the customisable controls, alone, might be stopping hundreds of thousands more people doing it each year.

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Loyalty Medals - August 2014
Posted by:WNxSol1ce

+10 Year Medal
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Congratulations everyone (and myself)! Hopefully till next year! :)

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