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12/15/2014 @ 3:18 pm
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Loyalty Medals - December 2014
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Loyalty Medals ~ December 2014

Last one of 2014, folks!

* * *

+10 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxKapitanTurtle (12 years)
WNxWhiteWolf (12 Years)
WNxFireDrake (10 Years)
WNxRoetorooter (10 Years)

~4 Members~

* * *

9 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~6 Members~

* * *

8 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~6 Members~

* * *

7 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~1 Member~

* * *

5 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~4 Members~

* * *

4 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~8 Members~

* * *

3 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxTaco Vendor

~13 Members~

* * *

2 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx CedricO
WNx iRawwwrr

~40 Members~

* * *

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~36 Members~

* * *

Congratulations on another year! I hope to see y'all on this list this time next year. Keep it up!


12/13/2014 @ 11:27 am
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New Development Brigadier Generals
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

"Please Boss, not the guinea pigs again. We need a sensible, adult way of deciding this one. The guinea pig race was fun, I'll admit that, but the poop Boss... the poop!"

Phoenix admitted that while her last admin selection process was fun, having all those guinea pigs running around the office created somewhat of a mess that Izanagi most certainly did not enjoy cleaning up and she felt guilty about that. Something else was needed... something less messy. At the same time though, she didn't like the idea of a selection process without the guinea pigs, so a solution was needed.

"Izanagi," she said, putting on her coat and heading for the door, "I need a process that includes the pigs, but excludes the mess. Come up with something while I go get some lunch. Gather the team when you've come up with something."

Phoenix returned with pizza a short time later to find Izanagi and ShadowZero sat in her office. "Boss, Izzy had another one of his stupid ideas... it is less messy though. He got the inspiration from his favourite extra-curricular activity..." Leaving that to hang in the air.

"...Eating?" asked Phoenix.

"Well... yes. He wants your guinea pigs to have an eating competition. We label up some food bowls with our candidates and the people whose names are on the first two emptied bowls, get the gig."

"Set it up." responded Phoenix, grinning.

Phoenix was called into the main office an hour or so later where Shadow and Izzy had set up the guinea pig pen and an assortment of labelled bowls with salad for the guinea pigs to eat their way through. "Isn't this going to take a while? That's a lot of salad in those bowls for your pigs to clear..."

Phoenix smirked, "Clearly you don't know guinea pigs."

Not ten minutes later, with Shadow and Izzy left gobsmacked at how quickly the pigs put away the salad, there were two empty bowls in the cage:

Click the image to open in full size. + Click the image to open in full size.

The following memo was dispatched immediately to the rest of the team.

The Department today has welcomed two new Brigadier Generals to the team. Please congratulate them on their very well deserved promotions.

Click the image to open in full size.


12/01/2014 @ 5:23 pm
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Story Time
Posted by:WNxIzanagi

Warrior Nation Presents:
How we almost got away.
(An Introductory tale based on a story told to me by a member of the guild. This piece is meant for entertainment purposes. The events are not all factual and should not be seen as such.)
as written by WNxAlacardia

The day started off well enough. We had a galleon full of packs and the sun at our back. Aye the pirates life was for me and my crew. Cruising the waters for ships on the horizon. It had been a rather successful day all in all. Treasure was in reach, and my eyes were set ahead on that pile of gold. Aye, just another successful day. So lost in fantasy was I with our haul that I barely noticed the rocks ahead. With my hardy crews eyes set on our wonderful haul. It was safe to say they didn't either. We all heard the crunch, and we felt the ship heave though.

The day started off well enough, the evening fared a whole lot worse. But my hearty crew takes more then a scuttling to bring them down. The Sea bugs were another story. But I survived, as did three of my loyal crew. Koger, Verum and Fizzle were the only others to come out of the water. As I turned by back to the sea and gazed at the shore I heard the clicking of more seabugs and the sickening crunch of another of my crew getting eaten. The terrified screams and frantic running of Koger and Verum told me we would never be seeing fizzle again.

We never saw Fizzle again, like I said prior. But we had high hopes ahead and our eyes once again turned to loot. But we had a few problems to contend with first. Firstly my harty crew had been drinking themselves into a depression. And how can I blame them? But money was tight and with a sweep of my hand I cleared the table and brushed aside all mannor of distraction.
"Lads! Get off your land lubbing arses and find me another boat!" I yelled in the harshest tones I could muster.

I was met with much cursing and Koger's drink nearly smashing me in the head. True diplomacy was a foot as I smashed the table against his belly with a push of my own. The voice of reason verum offered I go to hell. He would just get a glare, in the end my pirate crew would see things clearly. Koger through swollen bloody eyes. But he wanted his glass back anyways.

It didn't take us long to find some sorry saps to take us in. We met in a bar like the one we had just got done wrecking. Nill, Gorilla, Minku, each had sucker written right on their forhead. We joined there 'guild' after a round of drinks. Warrior Nation I think their name was. Yeah, that was the name. A whole hell of a lot of grog was passed around that day. It didn't take us long to find more help. It took a whole hell of a lot longer to gather the materials. Things were all going to plan though. The boat would fall under my command, and it was in private agreement that the last of my harty crew and I were going to stiff these sorry souls and leave them on dry land.

The days rolled into weeks. We took packs from one big town to the next big town. From a dry shit hole to a Wet shit hole. It was clear to say I didn't care for any of it. Only the boat was on my mind. But of course boats are very expansive. Galleons in general cost and arm and a lag. My supply of both had begun to dwindle since my good ol' pirating days. We managed to barter what we had for materials to build some clippers.
The sorry thing had nowhere to leave our packs though, and at times. We had fifteen cramped bodies each trying not to fall into the cold inky water. After having someone save you from falling over several times; You tend to grow a sense of Comradely. Indeed I ever found myself growing fond of our 'mules.' I begun to enjoy bitching at some of them. It was like they were part of my crew. Then Gorilladog spoke up and instantly I was reminded of the ultimate goal. It's amazing how hate keeps a man focused. We spend days running packs back and forth on our little boats. With me at the helm there was nothing that could stop our growing force.

Except for me of course, on that faithful day. We were done, the numbers just came in. We had everything we needed. Everyone had gathered, well most had gathered. Several of them turned out to be right good shipbuilders. As the hull was fixed, and the masts raised. I started my plan. While everyone was building. Jake, Verum, and I Made our way to the boat. Gorilla and Minku were busy with setting up the last Sail. My boys were busy fitting all the lines in place. Nill had gone back to land for a rest. Time past and Gorilla and Minku went to join them. A bottle was passed as they looked onwards to the beast they had all helped make.

We waved to the boys on land, giving them a thumbs up before kicking the level that released the ship into the water. Everyone cheered as we boarded. Everyone cheered as we turned the boat to the horizon and started to sail away. That stopped after a moment, koger leaning out the back to flip them a fond fairwell. Which was responded with cursing and a few missile weapons being fired at us. But we were long gone by then. Heading into the setting son. The specs on land grew smaller and smaller While the barren sea ahead started to take shape. Specs turned into ships, turned into angry pirates.
It seems some of my old crew had survived afterall. Shows you should never give up a search party five minutes after an accident. It develops some right angry fellows. I waved to some of my old gang. They in turn fired a few missiles at us. Verum knew the behavior well and the chant of "Skin all of them" was a big indicator he should take the helm and steer us back. Which because of the winds took us longer then it did in leaving the shore. Giving me plenty of time of come up with a plan.

On our return we spotted our 'comrades' preparing several harpoon clippers for a retrieval mission. Such a hurry they were in we got into yelling range before anyone tried to kill us.
"She runs like a beauty!" I yelled out to the shore line. As if It was the plan all along.
"The fuck Roland you had us worried.." Yelled back one of my 'trusted' mates.
"Like I would ever leave a crewmen behind." I responded with a scoff. Koger coughed into his fist and I shot him a glance. He wandered off and idly whistled as he lowered the sails. Allowing us to rest gentle on the shoreline.
And so It was that everyone got on board and a celebration was had. We had plenty to celebrate. We had our lives and a big boat. Our crew had more then trippled. Even if this ship went the way of it's predecessor we could count of them to help us fix it. Several cried out the name Warrior Nation. To the cheers of the rest. Shit, I'm a trusted member of a guild now.

Now here we are months later. A rag tag crew took shape into something akin to a sea monster. Battle would be had over land as well though. With my bloodthirsty crew at my side for nearly every charge. The scent of burning gunpowder was our breakfast. The screams of the dying our preffered genre of music. Minku even went through a short phase of drinking that which he killed. We thought it weird and he quit shortly after that.
But one again we had our eyes set on treasure, and our blades aims for throats. Aye, I wasn't a pirate anymore; I was a Privateer. A member of Warrior Nation and quickly on my way to being a Cornerstone of the Community. Aye it might not have been the Pirate's life. But it was still for me.

They held me at knife point and forced me to do their release story! So everyone give it up for the newest section to be released from development.

and their first officer team.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Gratz and stay away from Osama. He bites.

11/30/2014 @ 2:08 pm
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The Nation Rewind - Issue #9
Posted by:WNxHollow

Foreword by the Guest Editor

This Intro Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

__________________________ __________________________

As is tradition, I'd like to welcome you all to yet another issue of The Rewind. This is issue #9 and hopefully we'll have something good in store for you for #10... maybe... right? Team?

Speaking of team, WNxAngryScotsMan joined us this month and boy is he angry. Angry at us. At all of us! You can read why below. There's also interviews with WNxTameyoshi and WNxDarkNyte, and indication that all this gaming might actually be teaching you something after all.

As always, we welcome your comments and additions in this thread. If there's anything you want to share privately then our PM boxes are always open and if you want to become a publisher then you can apply using the application form. I'd be especially interested in hearing from people who thought about applying for a position within Combat Media before, but then decided not to for whatever reason.

__________________________ __________________________

Headlines from The Nation:

WNxZenVee promoted to Game Ops Colonel | WNxHollow promoted to Combat Media BG | New Operations revealed by WNxPartyWeapon | WNxAesalon starts BF4 Recruitment Contest

Gamers are Killing Innovation!
Are gamers to blame for failed innovation?

Written by WNxAngryScotsMan
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

When it comes to innovative games: there aren't a great deal of them today compared to previous years, where gaming was just beginning to find itís legs. Such games, that had massive effects on the games today, included Super Mario, Resident Evil and Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (which went on to become one of the largest MMO games ever made, AKA World of Warcraft) and have all been considered great innovative accomplishments. However, in recent years, large companies such EA and Ubisoft have been shovelling out the same games for them to capitalize on year after year, which has caused gamers to call out for more innovation instead of the same cookie-cut games.

So whoís to blame? Gamers have been shouting out for innovation but itís OUR fault that these games fail. Shocked? Take L.A Noire for example: it was praised for its original storytelling and its innovative gameplay as well as being critically acclaimed for many other aspects of the game. L.A Noire sold around 4 million units according to sales from 2011. Now letís compare that to a cookie cut game from the same year: Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 million unitsÖ In 24 hoursÖ Get where Iím coming from? Or do you think thatís just a fluke? Letís try Fifa 12 (This was released at a similar time to L.A Noire so time difference shouldn't vary so much it will affect it). This sold 3.2 million units, yes smaller than L.A Noire, but it only took them a week to generate that amount of sales where as L.A Noire reached 4 Million over a collection of months. To make matters worse, Team Bondi, the makers of L.A Noire, have gone bankrupt due to the low sales. We gamers demand innovation yet we still flock to the same game franchises, year after year, while ignoring the new innovative games that companies poured millions of pounds into to feed our desires. If we also claimed to have wanted innovation, instead of the same cookie cut games, then surely we wouldíve stopped buying said games long ago? But this isnít the case as, year after year, games next in their franchise top their predecessors consistently. Just have a look at the CoD sales graph or the Battlefield sales graph. They both show a positive trend towards sales even though they are basic replicas of the games before them.
Letís also look at it from another perspective, games that use the same concept over and over again continue to sell high amounts. Take Mario, for example, and a graph of game sales in the Mario franchise. If you look at all the high selling games on the list, youíll notice that every single one of them are the same concept used throughout Super Mario, the side scroller jumpíem up, and those sales are way up around and above the ten million mark. Now if you divert your attention to the bottom selling ones, youíll see that all those games are games that were all critically acclaimed for being innovative and taking a fresh and new approach to Mario but didnít sell. Quite frankly, itís just a case of "why re-invent the wheel when you can just polish the last one and sell that" for companies. Surely youíll be thinking, by now, about ďWhat about Super Mario 64? That sold loads and that was fresh and new!Ē Yes thatís true but itís only one game, and a good one at it. So ask yourself, if that was such a good innovative game, why not buy the other ones? They were all very good innovative games and deserved equal praise and sales. Once again, we demand innovation yet we decide not to buy the innovative games. Why is this? It may be because gamers donít want to spend their hard-earned cash on a game that has gambled on itís concept and feel much more safer buying a game that we all know the concept works for. Or maybe itís just a simple case of ďThe old concepts are the best"?

Does this mean that the gaming industry will be stuck with the same game concepts and fail to innovate from here on out due to our inability to buy them? The answer is ďNoĒ simply because even though we are failing to fund innovation, either by opting for a game with the same concepts or just refusing to buy the unknown, we still get the odd gem that breaks through this system. Sure we still buy games that are the same as its predecessor but thereís only so many times you can use the same model before it starts to lose its value. Not to mention we still have the Indie community, which is constantly shipping out new innovative games all the time, including FTL, This War of Mine, and Papers, Please even though they donít always amount to huge sales. These games prove that innovation will still be a key part of the gaming industry, even though they donít sell as much as CoD or Fifa, and that the gaming industry will continue to thrive.

Sectional Highlight
Warcraft 3

Written by WNxJango Fett
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

Not many sections can claim to have both a long history and are continuing to expand in Warrior Nation. This month, we will be looking at a section who can claim this. I am talking, of course, about the Warcraft 3 section. With a whopping 17 recruits: they managed to win last monthís Global Domination recruiting contest. Their number of recruits was only approached by a couple other sections, with the vast majority of Warrior Nation not even coming close. Within this article, I will look at their long history and have a little talk with the current Grand Master of the section, WNxTameyoshi.

Read more ...

Unlike a majority of sections within WN, Warcraft 3 is a hard section to trace. First, I will have a look at the predecessor to the section as we know today. Back when Warcraft 3 came out, WN was experimenting with various structures for sections. Warcraft 3 was a section started within the regional system of games. The basic idea was that giving a larger staff to a game to focus on a specific region, the bigger the likelihood that the section will become massive. Regardless of how true this is, Warcraft 3 East had a nice run from between 2003 to 2009, hitting a highpoint of 42 people. On the other side of the continent, Warcraft 3 West ran the same length of time, hitting their own highpoint of 64 people. In 2009, it was decided to merge these two sections together to form the current Warcraft 3 section. A section that has been running ever since. While a rather truncated history, this gives a good idea of how rich the section is within the traditions of WN. Full history details can be found within the Saga of WN.

I decided to ask the current major of his section on his opinions:
How did it feel to win Global Domination?
Very good! Warcraft 3 is an old game with few players left. Winning this proved that there is some fight still left in the game & and in the section. There is more we can and will do but it was a good morale boost. The push this tournament gave us certainly helped with clan events as well which was the best thing about it to me. I believe for the first time we had a full lobbies of all WNx Players, it was a great thing to see. The golden name is pleasing to the eye as well!

What is your recruiting strategy?
Simply the promise of clan events, and the keeping of that promise. From random small 1-day Round Robin tournaments, organized 16 player Elimination tournaments, 2 week events and random game nights where we just play whatever we want. Most people see clans as a private channel to sit in where you might find a friend to play a game with you. We make that promise of something to actually do and fulfill it; making our clan more of an extended friends list where if you are online, there are usually games going that you can hop into and play with other members until you have to go.

Where do you see the section in a year and in five years?
I'd say it mostly depends on the game itself. It is over a decade old but it is still persisting, and we shall with it. Our clan is one the more active ones and we try to get a one new recruit every day (which is a lot to us!). People will come and go as they always have, but I do believe the game, and us with it, will certainly survive another year. Five years is a long way away and any number of things can potentially happen to which I can not be certain about, but if Warcraft 3 is still alive, I am thinking we will be there with it.

How did you get involved in Warrior Nation?
I came across it from another player and liked what I saw. At the time, I was in another clan so it was just a cool idea. I've always like the multi-gaming clan idea but none I found ever supported Warcraft 3 or they were already dead. In time the clan I was in disbanded so I hopped on over to WN and immediately knew it was a good fit for me. Almost 2 years later and here I am now, leading the section I love.

What is your favorite moment from the section?
I would have to pick the Battle of the Titans event last year. There was a set of challenges where you had to play a certain strategy & win with it, and they were really bad ones. My brother and I decided to tackle them together in 2v2 ladder matches. We were expecting to have a losing record by the end but we did them one after another and ended up undefeated and "did we really just do that?" laughing. Battle of the Titans was a very fun event that lead to some funny games including those and some where we would do a 6v6 and have everyone on our team doing one challenge or another and somehow pulling the win off. Might even do a section event in respect of it!
What Video Games Can Teach Us
Get schooled!

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

There's an app for everything, right? I've started teaching in a school, which has an abundance of tablet devices. The kids can access thousands upon thousands of learning applications on these tablets and they'll have help in areas such as language, maths, science, reasoning, and many more. Interactive learning is a growing market, even for young children. These applications are usually presented as games, to encourage learners to participate and have fun while they learn. These "video games" can teach us a lot about everything. But what about the more "traditional" games we play in WN?

Read more ...

You may not realise it but video games have been teaching us new skills for a very long time. One of the first games I ever played was Super Mario on the NES. The core concept of Mario, as with many following platform games, is to jump to the right place at the right time. If you get it wrong then you're penalised, normally by losing a life... or, in other words, you die. This teaches us the age-old lesson that if you have bad timing, or jump to the wrong spot, you'll die. This doesn't stop people seriously hurting themselves when they jump from their rooftop to a plank of wood in their garden, then subsequently posting it on YouTube, but maybe they never played Mario?

It's not just timing, you'll be pleased to hear, games teach us other things too! Most RPGs have an inventory-like element. You pick things up and save them for use later. Sometimes, though, you'll pick up something that's really powerful... and you'll never, ever, use it because you might need it later, dammit! How many times have you struggled through an RPG only to finish it with a nearly-full inventory of potions that you didn't want to use earlier? This teaches us to be careful with our resources... and possibly turns some people into clinically-relevant hoarders. Linked to resources, many games require players to think ahead and plan. It might be sizing up the threat a boss poses or how to beat the OP faction that the other person selected in the matchmaking lobby. You've got to make a strategy, follow through with it, and evaluate how it went afterwards to see what you could change for next time if it all went wrong.

Has anyone ever told you you're not good at multitasking, have you ever said it to yourself? Have you then gone and played an MMO at least half-decently? Congratulations, you just multi-tasked! Most MMO's these days require people to concentrate on several things at once. Healing a party/raid is probably one of the most intensive experiences as you have to watch every life bar at the same time, activate abilities in response to it, read chat or other on-screen texts, listen to voice comms, and position yourself correctly so you don't take the next hit. Even if you're just pure, brawly, DPS, then you might still be contending with timing your attack skills and dealing with voice comms at the same time.

Have you ever faced an Asari commando squad? Over 3 million humans have. If you're one of those then you'll have faced difficult decisions about the fate of the universe at some point while playing through Mass Effect. You might have laughed uncontrollably when you wiped everyone out (like some psychopaths I know) but then you may have felt the cold sting of regret when it's all over (unlike said psychopaths I know). By giving gamers deep choices, with meaningful outcomes (okay, let's leave Mass Effect here) the developers are actually slowly influencing gamers morality. Don't believe me? Didn't you ever feel bad when your Tamagotchi died?

Next time you're on a killstreak in CoD and feeling awesome about life, you can think too about what skills you're learning. No, you're not learning to be a super-soldier, but you've learned something important nonetheless.

The Dark Nyte
The Hero Justice Deserves

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner by WNxMravens10 )

If you've been following our issues you know the drill with these admin interviews. This month we caught up with WNxDarkNyte and he gave some insight into his past in WN and his present in the Justice department. Something the interview won't quite tell you is that he's on the forum basically all. the. time. No, really. You don't see him in the list because he's invisible, watching you from the shadows, just waiting to hit people with the ban-a-rang of Justice. Occasionally, when there's a full moon, you can just hear the muffled screams... "Rachel... Rachel!!!!" Alright, that's enough horsing around (because: knight, right?)


Tell us about yourself, who is DarkNyte?
He is an IT Information Management student. In his free time he's an invisible forum lurker and a banhammer if necessary, amongst other personal things. Generally a nice guy once you get to know him, but sometimes seen as a jerk to people that don't ;)

What first attracted you to WN, who recruited you?
Me being in WN was just a coincidence. Back in 2005 when we still had a Call of Duty Europe section, WNxDeath_Angel gave me a try-out when he found me playing on the WN server and after kicking his ass, invited me to join WN. I didn't know anything at that time about forums or clans, so I signed up to the boards and made a couple of posts a week. That's pretty much it really.

You've been around WN a few years, what ranks have you held in the past and how did you get into Justice?
I only got my first rank in WN after 2 years+, which was Guild Wars Series Royal Guard. I was asked to apply for it by WNx X Wick, who I believe is still around from time to time. After being Royal Guard for 2 months, WNxUnicorn (who I bet most people still remember) contacted me with an interesting offer. She wanted me in a leadership position so gave me a choice even, Grand Master for GWS, or Colonel JA. After considering her offer I chose to go with Colonel JA until my promotion to Major General JA in 2010.

You've got a lot of medals in your time here. Which one is the most memorable and why?
The first one I got, which was the Medal of Justice. I got it about 6 months after my promotion, while I was still new to being an admin and the way things worked around WN. So getting that was quite the surprise, personally I didn't think I deserved it. But I guess the powers that were, at the time thought different :P

People would have to be living under a rock to not know that the Justice Department exists, but for those that don't know, what exactly does the department do for members?
The Department provides a nice, fair and fun clan/community for its members. Now we all know it's the most hated out there with us banning people and then get hate from their friends, but I guess that is part of the rank of Judge Advocate. You can't always make everyone happy, and when someone is being a douche, something has to be done about it no matter who it is. Just putting it out here that my PM Inbox is always open for members that feel they're treated unfairly :)

What do you think is the biggest challenge for your department right now?
The biggest challenge is, and has been for years, to make sure people are treated fairly. Whether that's in tickets or appeals. Everything has to be reviewed properly and a decision made. If a mistake is made, a good member could be removed from WN, and we don't want that :)

What big things does your department have planned for the future?
I'm getting my head around a reorganization of the Military Police side of Justice, how exactly that will happen, I don't know yet. All I can say is that something is in the works, and will be implemented when its ready.

What's a typical day for the head of Justice?
Dealing with tickets and appeals if there are any in the system. Aside from that it's dealing with PM's (52 in a day is alot you know), checking sections officer forums (yes, I do that) if there are any problems or issues with members and doing general administration duties.

52 PM's IS a lot in a day. Who PM's you more than anyone else?
Said people are no longer here today, but 52 a day was back in 2008-2009 when our membership was still ~2000 people. These days 20 is alot.

Your primary is Guild Wars 2. I've got some insider knowledge on this, and we have covered the section once before in an interview with WNxMehzie , but I know you play it... a lot! Why do you find the game so appealing and what makes it different to other MMORPG's on the market today?
When the game released I didn't have the intention of buying it, but after waking up on release day (which for me was a free day) I had a clear moment and thought "meh, why not get it and see what it's like". It was most likely caused with failing interest in SW:ToR, since the Devs ruined the game, in my opinion anyway. I've had alot of fun playing through GW2, getting achievements, running dungeons and so on.

However these days it's just hoping they add a decent expansion to the game before my interest completely vanishes, especially since I've completed most of the content now. While the Living Story is good, it's just by far not good enough.

Is there anything around WN you'd like to highlight to everyone, or anything else you'd like to add?
Justice Department is the best, just sayin' ;)

__________________________ __________________________
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11/28/2014 @ 1:02 pm
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Pentagon Report
Posted by:WNxOsama

Click the image to open in full size.

First off, for those of you celebrating this week, Happy Thanksgiving!

What is the Pentagon Report?

I would like to open this by explaining what the Pentagon Report is exactly. Many of you know what this is from the past when KP or CJL would post them among other people before me. Others have no idea, so to explain this all to you..It's a report, about the Pentagon. :) No but really, a lot of complaints as of late has been centered around the lack of transparency that some people have been feeling. This isn't something that we actively strive for in any way, and we actually try to be as transparent as possible when we can. So to help show you all that we mean business ;) The MC has decided to bring you back the Pentagon Report. Hope you enjoy the first* edition!


Pentagon Additions!

For those of you not keeping up with the announcements, we have added two new administrators recently! The wise WNxHollow, and WNxZenVee. The first thing WNxHollow did with his new powers of access, was go to the Operations Core and start posting. (He already had access there as GM before..Why Hollow why!?..all that access to super top secret forums is wasted on you!) The first thing I think we all do when we get promoted is search our name in the Pentagon. Being the Dinosaur that Hollow is, he already knows everything in there, so I guess he wasn't that excited to be with us :(

Facebook Recovery

If you didn't notice or read the announcement recently by WNxWhiteWolf, the Warrior Nation Network Facebook page was recently held hostage by an Ex-Warrior Nation member, Horizon, who has since been Dishonorably Discharged. Despite Facebook rules at the time, this person was able to somehow remove admins that had higher permissions than he did. The Facebook FAQ page has interestingly been updated between last week/two weeks ago when I personally read it, to a couple of days ago, to reflect that the "Administrator hierarchy" on Facebook no longer functioned in that way. After getting in touch with Facebook and providing them with the necessary legal documents to prove that we were the real owners of the page it was returned to us, and the Ex-member was removed.

This is quite unfortunate, and many of you have been vocal about your displeasure with what happened. There were mistakes and oversights that were made, all of which are far surpassed by the decision to actually take these malicious actions. Thankfully the issue has now been resolved, and I am quite glad to say that so far the Warrior Nation Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube account are all in safe hands. Malicious actions against our great home we call Warrior Nation like this happen, despite how angry or shocking they can be to many of us. They have happened before, and will most likely happen again, as is life. One thing that has never changed, and hopefully never will, is the fact that this clan has and will continue to endure through it all. The member in question is now gone, but the misguided actions that he took will unfortunately linger whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

I am happy to be surrounded by so many members that care about this place from the bottom of their hearts. To many of us this isn't just a clan, it's a second family. I joined back when I was fifteen and can easily say that this place really help shape who I am today. My point is, this place is bigger than just the actions of one person, it's bigger than me, and it's bigger than you. It's all about a community of players that love to game. It's pretty amazing to be able to just go into a game and find a Warrior Nation presence and be able to hop in as if you have always been around. In my opinion, I think the best thing we can all do now is move on. I look forward to working to rebuild the trust that was abused, and achieving what we all want for this clan, to take over the world!

Business Swag Challenge!

Some of you might have seen this on our profiles, but WNxPartyWeapon decided to challenge me to a business swag photo off at 11pm my time. Obviously, not one to back down from a challenge, especially not one from that WNxPartyWeapon nub..I took him up on it. Below you will find the photos of our challenge. Let us know who you think had more Business Swag! If you would like to post your own photo, or add a comment, then click the link below, and show us if you think you have more! Alternatively you could always just be a creep and look at all of our photos and not share..whatever you want! Link

Challenge Pictures!

Click the image to open in full size.
Website Page Updates!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been making a couple of sneaky updates throughout the forums without announcing them. We wanted to announce everything all at once, but so you guys are all in the loop about what is happening, here is what those updates so far were. The Enemy List has been removed from the forums. This is something that has been around for a long time, but looking at it today, it doesn't serve the modern WNx a real purpose. The previous Medal of Competitive Edge, formerly the Battle Ops medal, has been edited to reflect the restructure changes and has been placed under Games Ops. You can read the new description and requirements right here.

Several updates were put in on the Ranks Page on the forum. With all the work we had stacked up it took us quite some time but we have officially updated the Games Ops Department description. The Rank Caps that dictate how many of each rank a department can have, have been updated to reflect the removal of the now archived ranks from the restructure. You can look at the changes yourself here on the Ranks page.

The Clan Discussion Sub-forums have been edited to reflect recent changes in usage and policy as well. The Review and Preview Screening forum has been moved to by a sub-forum of the actual Reviews forum to make things more uniform.

Click the image to open in full size.
Upcoming Changes!

There is currently a couple of threads in the Pentagon discussing the viability of bringing a couple of new features to make your Warrior Nation experience more smooth and enjoyable. Others are in the works right now, or still need to be addressed once we take care of things higher on the priority list. I don't want to give it all completely away, but there is currently talk of an overhaul of the currently outdated and cluttered feature on the website that most of us use on a daily basis, if not repeatedly. The layout has just about been completed, and will soon to be submitted into the Tech Ops department. Although this whole thing is about transparency, since there has been serious progress on this, it would be nice to announce it as a surprise soon, so stay tuned for this one!

There are other exciting features that we hope to bring to the website in the coming weeks, but since there is still much work to be done on it unlike the one above which has had serious progress, I will keep those for another time as we look into their viability. As for updates that still need addressing, currently next on the agenda is addressing our History Page which needs some updating, as well as the removal of several forums and pages on our website that no longer serve a purpose. For example, the Rollcall Repository Forum near the bottom of the main forum page is being addressed, whether it's worth keeping it up so the data is available or to just go ahead and archive it. Updating the Ranks Layout page completely is also next on the list, and like the rest is already being addressed. Currently the final version is being drafted for approval and we can move forward with that.

Several other forum updates are in the works currently as well, including finalizing a Games Ops Department Logo, with the work of the Combat Media Department. Something else that we might be looking into is refreshing the Field Rank descriptions, and possibly the names. This is currently just an idea however.

11/24/2014 @ 5:14 pm
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Posted by:WNxWhiteWolf

Fellow members,

I regret to inform you that today that Horizon has had his account set to Dishonorable Discharge with no chance for appeal or return in the foreseeable future. On November 10th, 2014 he took control over some of our online social media accounts by removing all current administrators or changing passwords and recovery addresses.

With the assistance of Facebook staff, I have regained control of the Facebook page. We will continue to pursue recovering our other accounts and at this time advise members to trust only the content posted on and the Facebook Page at (when it is back online) until this issue is resolved.

Horizon was a former administrator of Warrior Nation, we placed our trust in his judgement and ability to act towards the betterment of our community and trusted him to treat access with a sense of responsibility and maturity – but alas not the case, his actions have done nothing but waste time, money, and energy that would have better been spent elsewhere.

Like all member feedback (yes, all) I always carefully read and considered what he had to say while making decisions about the future of Warrior Nation. I speak constantly with the MC and Kira about the things our members are talking about, and we talk very carefully about integrating the heart and feel of our community thoughts into our decisions.

In the end what has happened will not change anything except perhaps slow us down even more. Now we have to carefully consider access and re-evaluate trust on every level and audit permissions which is a lengthy and time consuming process on our already constrained tech staff.

Every time our trust is betrayed, every time we’re lied to as a community, every time someone exploits a loophole in access, it puts a barrier between what we’re able to trust our own community to assist with because we have to begin second guessing who we allow in our family of trusted leaders, staff, and ultimately, our members. Our mistake of leaving Horizon’s access after he had stepped down in his administrator role is on us, but what he utilized that access for is squarely on him.

When this happened, I brought it up with him directly and he said, in direct connection with being asked about still having access:

“I don't have access and I don't know what's going on with the page to be honest - haven't touched it for months. If I had access I'd probably have got fed up and posted something in the last couple of months cos it's so inactive.”

however, later that day he decided to post on Facebook attempting to stir some kind of response about our member count.

You can view that here if you want:
EDIT: I have removed this image because he requested his Real Name not be displayed on WN.

Finally, when confronted:
“Was wondering how long that would take you to find out.
I'm afraid WN doesn't need more useless propaganda going out."

I honestly believe that despite the actions of a few, we have some of the most mature gamers I’ve ever had the opportunity to game with; and that in my opinion quality has always been above quantity – this is part of the reason that I decided that Roll Call had served its purpose. If we continued to run roll call, we would continue to get members who just signed in on the first of the month when the e-mail reminder went out to get their “+1” in for the total; those members of our community were not contributing towards our content or our feeling but just went through the necessary motions. Our “drop” in member count is expected, we’re no longer counting the people who just showed up to be a number in a column of a report. We understand that.

I do promise to you that there is change coming and that it WILL take a long time because we’re truly innovating on the idea of our community, not just iterating to an upgraded website that provides much the same experience with no change other than look.

I understand that this is frustrating, that you can’t see what we have coming, so I promise you this: We will continue to improve our current site during that time, removing content and updating other content to more accurately reflect our current state of affairs.

None of that has changed by this, nor will I accept pressure to release something that isn’t WN to WN and force it upon us. If that wait is too long, I apologize – but I feel this is still the correct course of action for the best Warrior Nation you’ve ever seen.

Always strong,
Chief Technical Officer
Warrior Nation

11/19/2014 @ 12:00 am
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New Combat Media BG
Posted by:WNxPartyWeapon

Click the image to open in full size.

It's with absolute pleasure that I get to announce the promotion of Combat Media's new Brigadier General. This is a decision that took a lot of consideration with many applicant's and I believe this guy is the man to fill the shoe's of the role that needs to be played when it comes to our leadership. I needed someone creative, insightful, with the leadership qualities to bring out the best of our members and department situations that I could not fill. He has served WN for over a decade & just previously had lead the Guild Wars section for over 2 years. His foundation and leadership knowledge proceeds him on which I have much faith that our entire department can depend on him to get thing's done with high quality.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

11/17/2014 @ 2:25 am
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Loyalty Medals - November 2014
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Loyalty Medals ~ November 2014

* * *

+10 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxG.O.A.T (15 years)
WNx Dobby (13 Years)
WNxMateria (12 Years)
WNxNarf (12 Years)
WNxRedkn1ght (12 Years)
WNxSiN (11 Years)
WNx Blue Dragon (10 Years)
WNxHarangutang (10 Years)
WNxm0use (10 Years)
WNxMesna (10 Years)
WNxMouna (10 Years)
WNxPredator (10 Years)
WNxScooby (10 Years)
WNxWindedHero (10 Years)

~14 Members~

* * *

9 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~3 Members~

* * *

8 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~3 Members~

* * *

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

5 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

4 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~5 Members~

* * *

3 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~11 Members~

* * *

2 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx J Dawgg
WNx Kris Morgahan
WNxBrother G
WNxPink Panther

~22 Members~

* * *

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~38 Members~

* * *

Congratulations on another year! I hope to see y'all on this list this time next year. Keep it up!


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