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11/19/2014 @ 12:00 am
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New Combat Media BG
Posted by:WNxPartyWeapon

Click the image to open in full size.

It's with absolute pleasure that I get to announce the promotion of Combat Media's new Brigadier General. This is a decision that took a lot of consideration with many applicant's and I believe this guy is the man to fill the shoe's of the role that needs to be played when it comes to our leadership. I needed someone creative, insightful, with the leadership qualities to bring out the best of our members and department situations that I could not fill. He has served WN for over a decade & just previously had lead the Guild Wars section for over 2 years. His foundation and leadership knowledge proceeds him on which I have much faith that our entire department can depend on him to get thing's done with high quality.

11/17/2014 @ 2:25 am
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Loyalty Medals - November 2014
Posted by:WNxPhoenix

Loyalty Medals ~ November 2014

* * *

+10 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNxG.O.A.T (15 years)
WNx Dobby (13 Years)
WNxMateria (12 Years)
WNxNarf (12 Years)
WNxRedkn1ght (12 Years)
WNxSiN (11 Years)
WNx Blue Dragon (10 Years)
WNxHarangutang (10 Years)
WNxm0use (10 Years)
WNxMesna (10 Years)
WNxMouna (10 Years)
WNxPredator (10 Years)
WNxScooby (10 Years)
WNxWindedHero (10 Years)

~14 Members~

* * *

9 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~3 Members~

* * *

8 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~3 Members~

* * *

6 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

5 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~2 Members~

* * *

4 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~5 Members~

* * *

3 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~11 Members~

* * *

2 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.

WNx J Dawgg
WNx Kris Morgahan
WNxBrother G
WNxPink Panther

~22 Members~

* * *

1 Year Medal
Click the image to open in full size.


~38 Members~

* * *

Congratulations on another year! I hope to see y'all on this list this time next year. Keep it up!


11/16/2014 @ 10:11 am
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New Games Ops Colonel!
Posted by:WNxOsama

Hey Guys!

Some of you noticed the last thread I posted about the Games Ops BG Applications. Some time after that thread, we sat down and spoke about the future of GO, and we felt like making the future additions to the GO team in the here and now should be Colonels. This is all part of a plan to strengthen the ranks through training, as well as delegating tasks accordingly. This opens up the possibility for more openings in the future, however all of that is dictated by whether we find the right person for the job, and if the need is there, so stay tuned.

For now however, I am happy to announce the newest addition to the Games Ops Administration. This member has had experience as a leader within his respective section, as well as his real life experience which I feel will both feed into adding to the Games Ops experience that we strive to provide you with on a daily basis. He has gained the respect of just about everyone he works with, and that includes me and my Games Ops team as well, which is why this is being announced. I look forward to the work and dedication he plans to bring to the team in the coming weeks and months that I hope will have many changes that you will all like.

Please welcome me in congratulating our newest Games Ops Colonel,

11/10/2014 @ 12:25 pm
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The Nation Rewind - Issue #8
Posted by:WNxHollow

Foreword by the Guest Editor

THIS guy again?

__________________________ __________________________
I've sneaked in here again for yet another guest editing job - you know, because I just can't get enough of it! We've got a slightly smaller (and later... but shhhhh) issue this time, due to the numerous changes in personnel within the publishing team, and could certainly do with more interested writers to help bring WN the good news each month. If you're interested in writing for our publication then please use the link to apply at the bottom of the issue. You do need an enthusiasm for writing and a small amount of skill, but the team is here to support and help you get better if you want to. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming WNxMrsR , WNxReborn , and WNxspeccarroo to the team!

So, October and November, right? Halloween has just gone and many of you throughout WN will be gearing up for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin-spice everything (which doesn't even contain pumpkin) has arrived for yet another autumn and the cinnamon, in our household at least, will become almost a staple ingredient until spring next year. Personally, I'm not a big fan of cinnamon but it does get a lot of use in Nutella hot-chocolate, among other things. I'd like to invite you all to post your best Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures in response to this issue, as well as all your valued comments, and we'll see you again in December for our last issue of the year! I do hope you enjoy reading our mini-issue.


Video-game Addiction
I can quit any time I want!

Written by WNxHollow
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner Provided by WNxPartyWeapon )

If I've got any stalkers they might already know that I'm a bit of an MMO fiend. I really, really, like MMOG's and I can't even count how many I've played over the years - the list would almost be endless. I really do, genuinely, think my current primary is the best of them all; though I might be biased there. The game that first got me into the genre is the timeless EverQuest, which is still going strong after 15 years. It was one of the first of it's kind and set the standard for MMORPG's that have come since. It was also very, very, addictive - it was far too easy to keep telling yourself that you'll do "just one more thing" before quitting. This led to it being jokingly called EverCrack by the player base - referring to crack cocaine.

Back then it was all a bit of a joke, we all had a laugh at how it mimicked drug addiction, and basically got on with our lives. However, the gaming industry is growing and MMO's are an ever-increasing presence within it. Payment models are changing from one-time purchases to subscriptions or micro-transactions where getting you hooked into the game is how the companies actually make money. Repeat business is advantageous for companies and more of them are taking advantage of it. Gaming addiction is so widely understood now that it has charities and non-profit organisations, like Online Gamers Anonymous, which was set up by a parent following her son's suicide over EverQuest, dedicated to it. It's got a wikipedia entry and a mention on WebMD (though it's still not officially recognised as a mental disorder).

In a previous issue of The Rewind I wrote about aggression being caused by violent video games and how there were no strong links in those cases. However, there have been other cases resulting in deaths regardless of the game in question being violent or not. In South Korea in 2005 a man died, after having a cardiac arrest, in an internet café after playing Starcraft almost continuously for over 50 hours. He had recently been fired from his job after missing work because he was playing video-games. In China, still in 2005, a man loaned another player an in-game item, which they then sold on-line for about $650. The man, angry at the sale, fatally stabbed the other player and was given a suspended death sentence. In South Korea again, in 2009, a 3-month-old child died of malnutrition because her parents were at an internet café for many hours each day... raising a virtual child on-line. In the United States, in 2010, a woman was convicted of murder after she shook her baby to death because his crying interrupted her playing FarmVille on Facebook. Back to the game that I started with and the case I mentioned, in part, before: In the United States, in 2001, Shawn Woolley committed suicide after an incident taking place in EverQuest, which later prompted his mother to create Online Gamers Anonymous. These are just a sample of the video-game related deaths over the years, there are further reports, but if you consider the amount of gamers worldwide then you can see that the incidence rate is still quite low. Over 88,000 Americans die every year from alcohol abuse, 3,000 from food poisoning, 250 from getting so drunk they set themselves on fire, and 100 from "equestrian-related-activities."

So are we on the brink of an epidemic? Well, no, probably not. Dr Mark Griffiths, an expert on video-game addiction certainly doesn't think so:
"I've spent my whole career trying to say if you're going to call something an addiction it has to be similar right across the board. The criteria I use for video game addiction would be exactly the same as in heroin addiction in the sense that this is an activity that becomes the most important thing in your life, it compromises everything else in your life including your relationship, work and hobbies. It's something you use as a way of modifying your mood. It's something that builds up tolerance over time, so you need more and more. It's something where you get withdrawal symptoms if you're unable to engage in it. And it's something that if you do manage to give up for a short time when you do the activity again you relapse. The good news from my perspective is on those particular criteria, the number of genuine video game addicts is few and far between.

It's quite clear that some, whether it's kids or young adults, have some problems around the fact they seem to be unable to control the amount of time they spend gaming, and maybe it's impacting other areas of their life. But just because there are some addictive-like components there it doesn't mean they're genuinely addicted.

I've spent well over 25 years studying video game addiction. If we're we're going to use the word addiction we have to use the same concepts, signs and symptoms we find in other more traditional addictions, like withdrawal and tolerance. By doing that the number of people who end up being addicted by my criteria are actually few and far between.

Yes, I believe video game addiction exists, and if it is a genuine addiction it may well be as addictive as other more traditional things in terms of signs, symptoms and components. But the good news is it is a very tiny minority who are genuinely addicted to video games. Most kids can afford to play three hours a day without it impacting on their education, their physical education and their social networks."
It's very easy to get more heavily invested in video-games when you have additional hooks to keep you involved. A place like WN can turn even the simplest game into an MMO-like by the addition of the social networking aspect. Admins used to call the forum work "playing ForumQuest" because it took so much of your day up and as a throwback to (yeah you guessed it) EverQuest or EverCrack. When you get leadership or admin positions in WN you find that you need to devote more and more time to perform those responsibilities and while you're not spending that time in-game you are still spending that time because of a game. Please manage your time appropriately and remember the phrase that's been floating around WN since even before my time: Real Life Comes First!

Advanced Warfare
You know, like regular, but ADVANCED!

Written by WNxMrsR
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner Provided by WNxMravens10 )

The next installment in the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare, has been turning heads and making waves for die-hard CoD fans as well as gamers who may have turned a blind eye to the series in the past. It’s futuristic themes and the traditional Call of Duty style we’ve all come to expect: this game is a must-try for any First-Person Shooter fanatic. The game will feature several different game modes for individual and co-op gameplay, as well as online multiplayer options. It will maintain a few of the features that were introduced in a few of the game’s predecessors like Clan Wars and Zombies, but some new features will be incorporated. So, it is only fitting that Warrior Nation follow their lead by changing up the traditional sectional layout to best support it’s members for this game.

Read more ...
The first thing gamers will want to know about Advanced Warfare is that the general gun-play will remain the same as it has been in the previous CoD games. However, some mechanics may differ. Attachments, scorestreaks, perks, weapons, transportation, body armor, and even the stats display will have a futuristic, high-tech, and almost robotic feel which will certainly be a change for anyone who has played CoD in the past.

Elite Clan ranking and the use of Clan Tags seems as though it will remain intact, though clan rankings will likely begin again at zero. There will be a smartphone/tablet app to go along with this, but there will be at least one major change. For Ghosts, Elite Clans could have members playing on any console and still have their gameplay count towards one overall Elite Clan ranking. In Advanced Warfare, this will not be possible. Elite Clans are platform-specific, meaning that Xbox 360 and Xbox One can remain together, and PS3 and PS4 will together. PC is it’s own beast and not included in either.

In order to best accommodate this change, Warrior Nation’s Development team has decided to try a layout that will be different for most CoD-playing members. We hope to have a total of 3 sections for Advanced Warfare: one section combining Xbox 360 and Xbox One, another section combining PS3 and PS4, and a third section for PC. Each section will have one main forum section with one Major. However, in the two console sections there will be 2 sub-forums each, one for each console. Each sub-forum will contain their own ranks from Private up to Captain. Of course, this is always subject to change. More details about the game and the sections are constantly being updated in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Release Section, so stay posted!
Animals and the Evolution of Gaming
Genesis does what Nintendon't

Written by WNxspeccarroo
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner Provided by WNxPartyWeapon )

(Speccarroo is writing about animals in gaming as part one of a mini series, so read our forthcoming issues for further installments! - Ed)

We all know about Crash Bandicoot, Okami, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Yoshi. Why is that? It’s because majority of us grew up playing these games and they were top games even by the current standards of “Game of the Year” editions. Some of the games had an arcade-ish format and others had a more complex storyline, or even a storyline within a storyline. While storytelling has improved over the years; animals have been ever-present in popular and successful games.

Read more ...
Crash: Woah!
Crash Bandicoot was produced in the 1990’s by the company Naughty Dog for the Nintendo 64. In this game the player controlled Crash to run towards a specific direction on the screen, pursuing different ventures and tactics. The popularity of the game trailed into the 2000’s until the Uncharted series came out, which crashed onto Crash Bandicoot’s claim to fame.

Onigiri Sensei: It looks like I have an adorable lupine visitor.
Okami was created in the late 2000’s, close to 2010 or so. It was released for the Nintendo DS more than any of the platforms. However in 2012, there was a remastered version created and release for the Playstation 3. The game’s storyline was similar to Zelda’s.

Sonic: What you see is what you get. Just a hedgehog that loves adventure.
In 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was made for the Sega Genesis. There was no true point to his storyline other than running through obstacles, gathering as many coins as a player can, then defeating a boss after each level. It was the basic concept that brings out the arcade style of gaming into a console format. However, he did have a nemesis named Doctor Eggman.

Yoshi: Yoshi!
Yoshi was designed in the Mario franchise, appearing in Super Mario World, up until 1995 when he debuted in his own game called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. The main story of it all in the game is two storks carry Mario and Luigi over to the island, when the evil Magikoopa Kamek intervenes and young Mario falls to the earth.

In this new era of gaming: people don’t see how animals are involved in games. Whether it be a character you can actually play, create, or interact with inside the game itself. It’s hard to believe that the newest games like World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria, has Panderans as their year old expansion held it for a playable new race. Although now with their official new expansion Warlords of Draenor being released – it has no significant playable classes, races, or characters type you can pick from. Even for MOBA games like League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients 2, also known as DotA 2; both have significant playable champions or heroes that are animals or mythical animal-like creatures that you are able to play within the game. To name a few: Ahri, Anivia, Hecarim, Twitch, Shyvana, Wukong, and others from League of Legends. Bristleback, Magnus, Slardar, Phoenix, and others from DotA 2.

Progression vs. Fun
October's Final Thought

Written by WNxJango Fett
__________________________ __________________________

( Banner Provided by WNxPartyWeapon )

I was reading some articles online recently about how people are willing to sacrifice fun to get progression in their games. As a gamer who plays both single player and multiplayer games, I can agree with that sentiment.

Fun is an abstract idea. For my purposes, I will define it as playing the game in a non-fixed way. For example, in Minecraft this would be something like just mining with no defined purpose. Why is this fun? Well, if you were not having fun playing a game this way, you should really be playing a different game. In most cases, progression is loosely tied to the “fun” in a game. Consider a game like World of Warcraft: leveling up and getting gear is what is fun in that game and is progression. The fun aspect only goes away when you are not “winning." While these ideas are not mutually exclusive, a decent understanding of fun and progression is useful to see how you play your games.

Progression makes you feel like you accomplished something. Going back to Minecraft, I do not play a modded version of Minecraft without wanting to progress either in the block department (getting more materials out of raw materials) or within the abilities department (being able to do cool stuff). In either case, I can only do pure progression so long in a game without getting bored. Gaming is not a job for most people, so it should not feel like a job when you are progressing in a game. Granted, some people enjoy games where it feels like a job while playing, but I am not a member of this group. For the most part, progression might be boring, but it makes people feel like they accomplished something.

Why chose one over the other? It honestly comes down to how you want to play a game. Do you want to rush through content in a MMO to get to the late game? In that case, the short-term forfeiture of fun might be worth it. Are you a gamer who enjoys feeling accomplished after a long gaming session? In this case, it might be more fun for you to go the non-traditional route and do the best method to do what you want to do. It really comes down to how you want to play a game and you should play it how you want to play it.

__________________________ __________________________
Want to join Combat Media? Click the links below to Apply!
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11/08/2014 @ 8:39 pm
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Global Domination Winners!
Posted by:WNxPartyWeapon

Click the image to open in full size.

It is the Pentagons pleasure to announce Warrior Nation's first ever bi-annual recruitment competition Winners!

WN recruited well over 100+ members for this competition, something to be proud of
regardless if you won or not. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations
to those of you who kicked some extra ass! This goes to prove without doubt that with a
collective effort we can do some incredible thing's as a team, we will have more to come!

I will contact you during the week for you're prize collection - PW

Click the image to open in full size.

Section Winners!

Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Member Winners!

Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Raffle Winner!

Congratulation's mate!
Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

$50 Steam Card - WNxPartyWeapon
$25 Steam Card - WNxOsama
$10 Steam Card - WNxIzanagi
Shirt Award - WNxPartyWeapon

11/08/2014 @ 9:11 am
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Monthly Medals - October 2014
Posted by:WNxPartyWeapon

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.
Medal Of Creativity


Any member that has shown outstanding creativity skills specific to WN in addition to continued honorable and mature behavior. A member who has gone above and beyond in the creative aspects to better WN as a whole either by visual or creative communication. One must stand out above everyone else during a specific month.

WNxLavitz 13:51, 18th Oct 2011
WNxAlco 11:56, 31st Aug 2010

WNxMercy's constant devotion to Community and Section stability is the baseline for this Medal Nomination. WNxMercy is relentless in his efforts to produce creative and brilliantly designed Thread's and Community Events which keep other members in the Section motivated and wanting to participate in the Warrior Nation Section forums. WNxMercy's uncanny ability to write BB Code, which he employs to design these threads, can be seen in the following examples of his hard work and dedication;

DOTA 2 Section EVENT: October 1v1 Tournament


DOTA 2: Thread ICON Upgrade Concept

DOTA 2: Monthly Report

DOTA 2: Event Template Design

As the Section's newly appointed OPERATIONS OFFICER, WNxMercy has gone above and beyond expectation, and has tirelessly devoted himself to improving the Section's Forums and designing Community Events which instill 'esprit de corps' among fellow members. Despite the ongoing demands of his real life, WNxMercy continues to be a critical component to Section Growth. It is because of selfless dedication and efforts, such as those undertaken by WNxMercy, that Section health and solidity is guaranteed. WNxMercy's selfless service to the other members of Warrior Nation DOTA 2 and tireless devotion to the Section are keeping with the finest traditions of Warrior Nation. For the reasons and examples posted in this nomination, I WNxDarkNyx, here by nominate WNxMercy for the MEDAL OF CREATIVITY.

Click the image to open in full size.
Medal Of Reconnaissance 20+


Any member that has recruited the required minimum dedicated members shown above or more.

These recruits must be verifiable by having your name stated in their "My Recruiter" profile field. The recruit must have a minimum of 60 days enlisted and 10 posts to be counted. Honorable and Dishonorable accounts do not count.

11/06/2014 @ 10:37 am
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Section Released!
Posted by:WNxIzanagi

Because I wanted to steal Party's thunder I decided to release a section today! (no not really)

Everyone please give it for... Wait for it....Wait for it......Wait for it


For working their way out of development and becoming a full fledged section.

Give it up for their first leadership team.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.



Click the image to open in full size.

Congratz guys and I'm proud of you all for working so hard.

11/05/2014 @ 5:42 am
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Posted by:WNxBear


I want to make something clear.. Partyweapon took my tag.

Click the image to open in full size.

Goodbye and congrats Partyweapon

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